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Germans about amazing success: Our key – no superstars!

Germany will play for the gold medal in Krakow! After 12 years from legendary match in Ljubljana, where Germans beat domestic Slovenia for the EHF EURO 2004 gold and seven years from WCh 2007 gold in Cologne, Dagur Sigurdsson made a miracle with the team who was struggling to qualify for the big events in the last few years.

-I cannot describe it, it’s more than happy, it’s more than excited…it’s almost like feeling nothing because it’s so much happiness and tension falling down…because now we are in the final, the goal of this tournament and we have the chance to take the crown of Europe – said  German goalie Andreas Wolff.

– Maybe this is the key, we have no superstar that takes decisions in the deciding moment, we have everyone who makes it. One day it is Fabian Wiede, one day we have Steffen Fäth, today it was Kai Häfner… so we have a team, not just a team!”

With 10 goals, the TOP scorer and best player of the match was right wing Tobias Reichmann:

-It was the best performance from our team, we fought from the beginning to the end and I cannot describe it…I am just very happy – said Kielce players and added:

-We want Spain then! But it does not matter really, we are in the final and we can play with no pressure. Maybe Spain is better because we can take revenge – concluded Tobias.


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1 Comment

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