CSM Bucharest hero, Jelena Grubišić: We had no pressure, we grinded them…

The real hero of the first ever Women’s EHF CL semi-final for CSM Bucharest was Croatian goalkeeper Jelena Grubišić. The former RK Krim and RK Podravka member had 20 saves against ŽRK Vardar (in 45th minute she was on 60%) 27:21 in the second match at Papp Laszlo Arena, which was enough to put her team at big final against Gyor.

  • They gave us second goal in 14th minute. A part of our deal from the locker room was to be agressive on their back line, to let them attack on sides. We did it, they didn’t have a lot of chances, I saved some “easy chances”, and that is it. We surprised ourselves. We played fantastic and grinded them at the end.

Romanian team played above all expectations…

  • Yes, we played. We haven’t been under pressure, totally relaxed and we surprised Europe. Practically, we build our game and completed roster before Rostov. All three teams wanted us on draw, because they thought that will be “secure win” for them, but we showed something opposite. Gyori are host team here, but if we play like against Vardar, there is nothing about which we have to be affraid  – concluded Jelena Grubišić.
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