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PHOTO of the DAY: When you think that you won even before start…

“We are favorites”, it was the main sentence and a reason for happiness in Skopje, after ŽRK Vardar avoid finally “eternal” rival ŽRK Budućnost in Women’s EHF Champions League semi-final. Previous experience of losing both semi-finals against Montenegrian girls, but also draw which put Davis&Kastratović and their girls on the newcomers in TOP handball – CSM Bucharest, were a good base for the optimism before trip to Hungary, but…

This photo showing a moment of getting the name of the rival for semi-final and helpless situation during the horrible match for Macedonian side…

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Doesnt matter who

    8. May 2016. at 12:08

    I used to think handball-planet was a good website. Not after this text which I cannot even call “an article”. Not a single person or representative of ZRK Vardar ever said that they are the favourites – on the contrary, every chance they got they said that CSM is a great opponent and shouldnt be underestimated. The media maybe, but ZRK Vardar certainly didnt proclaim themselves as favourites.

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