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#BeAheadBeFeared – Extreme handball challenge

Adidas launches a new #BeAheadBeFeared campaign before the VELUX EHF Final 4 which will be held on May 28 and 29 in Cologne, Germany. Adidas Handball Communications Manager Marc Baecker gives us an insight into an “extreme handball challenge”:

  • #BeAheadBeFeared is a new campaign from adidas handball that champions the relentless passion, power and physicality of one of the world’s most brutal sports. We want to celebrate the unshakeable passion for handball shared by grassroots players and teams with the greatest talents of the professional game including Jackson Richardson and Nikola Karabatic. That is why we have created the BE AHEAD. BE FEARED. Extreme Handball Challenge in Cologne on Friday May 27 to push handballers to their limits – says Baecker and adds:
  • adidas has created the toughest handball challenge ever with the BE AHEAD. BE FEARED. Extreme Handball Challenge. It is a one-off event that will demand everything of competitors. Just like on the court, team players will need to work together and fight until the final second to be ahead and overcome the challenge. The specially-designed obstacle course has been created in a converted warehouse and features several varied and unconventional activities. Whether it is a tunnel full of fog, powerful wind machines or even a handball challenge in complete darkness…it will excite and exhaust participants. The course includes different natural environments such as wind, dark and fog and uses many different materials you may recognise from the gym or training /cross fit events.

What real-life handball situations is the BE AHEAD. BE FEARED. Extreme Handball Challenge course designed to simulate?

  • Handball is a very physical team sport, players need power, speed, assertiveness and intense concentration. Our course is also about mental and physical agility and we provide a playground where the players feel the most alive. Each team has to fight mercilessly until the very last second in order to defeat the opposition and to win the challenge. This is what handball is about…believing in yourself and pushing limits.

How will the winning team be decided?

  • Officials will measure the time it takes teams (of three members) to complete the entire course. Each team member has to overcome all obstacles and must complete all handball tasks. The team who masters the obstacle course in the shortest time wins the challenge and will meet Nikola Karabaticas they are congratulated at the Official Opening Party of the VELUX EHF FINAL4.

How can players and fans be involved in the BE AHEAD. BE FEARED. Extreme Handball Challenge event?

  • Our event is a call to all players who wants to experience something new. Handball is so much more than just throwing a ball into a goal. Handball skills could be an advantage but will definitely not be sufficient to win the challenge. You will also need mental strength, endurance and team spirit.
  • All handball fans are invited to watch the action and join the festivities at the BE AHEAD. BE FEARED. Extreme Handball Challenge event – which also features a bar, DJ, food trucks and the opportunity to score great handball prizes.
  • Join us at The New Yorker, Dock One, Cologne from 12pm on Friday May 27 to watch creators of the court push their limits and usher in a new era in handball – concludes Marc Baecker.
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