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400.000 reasons to say that ASOBAL is dead

Handball-Planet.com exclusive information about Nikolaj Markussen’s transfer from BM Atletico Madrid to Qatar in the most important part of the season caused a lot of negative comments and a real shock among handball people across Europe. Just two days after fantastic victory in Berlin, in which Danish giant was one of the key players in team of Talant Dujshebaev, one of the tallest European players enjoyed sunny day in rich Doha.

“Controlled collapse” in the second team of ASOBAL, announced by decision of director Luis Miguel to resign after many years, who said that Atletico will have “modest” squad in the upcoming period. Transition from Ciudad Real to Atletico Madrid obviously didn’t have necessary effect. Under that circumstances, Lazarov’s goal in Berlin is just a kind of the “last dance” of the biggest handball team in this decade.

ASOBAL has lost the war. Markussen was symbolic – last battle. Only pieces stay from the “No 1” handball league on the World some years ago. Financial crisis forced a majority of quality players to left Spanish teams. Only Barcelona stays strong, but Barca is global sports institution. Players who didn’t find the next destination, looking seriously to escape as soon as possible.  Balkan players has found Qatar, Spaniards like French neighborhood – the best are already in Germany, Hungary, etc…

400.000 EUR of transfer fee for Markussen could be translated as 400.000 reasons why ASOBAL died. We all know that all the reasons have same base – money.



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