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Aalborg to expand hall capacity on 5.500

Aalborg Handbold have a plan to expand current capacity of the hall from 5.000 to 5.500 for the upcoming season, but also dreaming about 10.000 seats arena which will fulfil all the needs of ambitious Danish handball project. That basically said Aalborg’s director Jan Larsen in an interview for nordjyske.dk

  • Then we would have to remove seats to get a stand, and that is not a theme right now. We try to optimize everything we can. There are so many people who want to come in and watch handball, and the support is fantastic. I wish there were many more seats, but it cannot be done. It is not enough at all, but it is what can be done right now, says Jan Larsen.
  • I also dream of having a hall with 10,000 spectators or so. Because I have no doubt that we can fill it. Then you have to find a field somewhere and build a huge hall. The time is not now, and it will take many years. We are thinking about it, but right now we are solving it as best as possible here and getting the 500 extra places, he says.
  • It is of course a gigantic project. We have to go up in a size hall and some economies, which are completely different. But if the municipality is interested, and they can see the interest out here, and there are some private investors who want to join, I would not rule out that we look at it for the future. We can already say now that 5500 is too little. But it is better than 5000, adds Jan Larsen.
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