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AG Copenhagen went BANKRUPT!

Danish champion and the third team of Europe in the moment, AG Copenhagen went bankrupt. Fantastic project of Jesper Nielsen and his team died in seventh year after many success on national and international level. Since the first man of this project decided to left the team, team’s management has tried to find a new “big sponsors” but without success:

– We have received many extremely positive comments from sponsors, small investors and the vast majority of partners, but unfortunately we can also observe that there is someone who wants or is able to take over the business. We have fought hard, but may for the first time to recognize that something is actually impossible – said Nielsen:

– – We have beaten world records, created experiences, achieved a double digit number of television viewers and an exposure that few others can match. We have managed to fill up arenas everywhere we arrived, we met up with the team and we have created a historically strong Danish handball home. Thousands of diners, more than 20,000 friends on facebook, small 200 friendship clubs and merchandise sales that beat all previous records for handball clubs.  In a few years we have created the largest Scandinavian handball and one of the biggest sports shops in terms of all the sporting and commercial parameters. AG Copenhagen gained a great deal and the family thank you for seven terrific years together with all those who have been part of the AG Copenhagen on the way. Players, managers, volunteers, parent clubs, employees, partners, fans, AGK Support and all who wished us the best. We want to give everyone a huge thank you for the experiences, cooperation and action!


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1 Comment

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