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ANDREA LEKIC – “An idol to many handballing youngsters”

A true brand of Serbian handball, Andrea Lekic, made her dreams come true in year 2013. Long-awaited trophy of the EHF Champions League ended up in her hands with Hungarian Gyor. With the club successes, came along the national team ones too – Lekic won the silver medal with Serbia at the WC 2013 in front of 20.000 home fans in her birth city – Belgrade. Great sports person which because of her charisma wins hearts of handball fans all over Europe, is a true candidate for HANDBALL PERSON OF THE YEAR 2013. On that speaks her fan clubs in all the countries where she played. She thinks of the future of our sport, organizing camps for young handball players “Andrea Lekic” last summer, which is to become traditional.


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IHF World Best Player 2001 Dragan Skrbic about Lekic’s nomination for HANDBALL PERSON 2013:

– Andrea Lekic and women’s handball. She won EHF Champions League and silver medal at WCh 2013. She is World Best Player 2013 and deserve to get another title for the PERSON 2013. I want to give a vote for women’s handball from the other side, who became more attractive, dynamic, faster and technically better, not much behind Men’s handball as before. Women’s handball deserve better position in our handball family.



  1. Nade

    15. May 2014. at 23:13

    Andrea Lekic is a real example for a dedicate athlete with clear vision and realistic targets.As a Best Handball Women Player for 2013 and winning the Champion League,she is sending the clear massage to young players and followers that through hard work, and full commitment,every dream can become true.
    Always full with understanding and love for her fans,people which love handball,demonstrating fair game and positive attitude on the court and out,I strongly believe that Andrea Lekic is lifting up the handball sport on much higher level and it’s a strong example of a real sport person and highly professional handball player.

  2. marija tulejic

    5. March 2014. at 20:41


  3. marija tulejic

    13. February 2014. at 20:25

    Andrea Lekic!

  4. marija tulejic

    12. February 2014. at 13:35

    Lekic!! 😉

  5. marija tulejic

    8. February 2014. at 14:42

    Haj’mo Andrea LEKICCC!!!

  6. Blagoja

    7. February 2014. at 21:07

    Andrea Lekic

  7. Branislav Golubovic

    7. February 2014. at 10:50

    Andrea Lekic

  8. Liljana

    7. February 2014. at 07:36

    Andrea Lekic…

  9. Luka

    6. February 2014. at 18:58

    Andrea lekic

  10. ne e vazno

    6. February 2014. at 10:57

    Andrea Lekic <3

  11. Cedo

    6. February 2014. at 08:02

    Leki majstore!!! Edna i edinstvena-Andrea.Samo napred!

  12. marija tulejic

    5. February 2014. at 16:24

    ANDREA!! Ti si nasa CARICA!!!

  13. luka

    5. February 2014. at 16:13

    Andrea 🙂

  14. Gordana

    5. February 2014. at 15:21

    Andrea Lekic

  15. Marjan

    5. February 2014. at 13:56

    Heart, soul, charisma and kindness- Andrea Lekic !!!

  16. JOVAN

    5. February 2014. at 13:33



    31. January 2014. at 19:27


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