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Argentina ‘Gladiators’ ready for Qatar

Eduardo Gallardo has defined a list of 18 players that will take part of a friendly tournament in France before the 24th World Championship kicks off in Qatar next January. The ‘Gladiadores’ will face the European champions, Argelia and Macedonia. The coach will have to make a new cut to that list to define the 16 players that will compete in Doha.

Despite being the South American champions, Argentina was unluckily drawn in the ‘group of death’ together with four European powerhouses such as Denmark, Poland, Germany and Russia. Saudi Arabia appears as the only ‘weak’ rival within the group, however, as Gallardo mentioned in an interview to sports channel TyC Sports earlier this week:“they’re in the championship for a reason”.

Argentina aspires to be back in the level displayed back in Sweden 2011, when they impressed everyone knocking down the hosts and Slovenia on the group phase to reach the main round. Diego Simonet, recently awarded as best handball player in Argentina, thinks that the performances in Spain 2013 were not truthful to the real level of the team and he’s also confident that “if the team is in good shape, injury free, and with the same level shown in the Pan American tournament in Canelones earlier this year”, they’ll be in everyone’s mouth.

The team will take off for France on January 6th and after the friendly matches will fly to Doha on January 16th.

The list:


Matías Schulz – Nantes, FRA

Fernando García – Vernon, FRA

Juan Bar – SAG Polvorines, ARG


Federico Fernández – UNLu, ARG

Federico Pizarro – UNLu, ARG

Facundo Cangiani – River Plate, ARG

Adrián Portela – River Plate, ARG


Sebastián Simonet – US Ivry, FRA

Diego Simonet – Montpellier Agglomeration, FRA

Pablo Simonet – US Ivry, FRA

Leonardo Querín – Billère, FRA

Federico Vieyra – Istres, FRA

Juan Pablo Fernández – UNLu, ARG

Agustín Vidal – CB Maristas Algemesi, SPA

Juan Manuel Vázquez – River Plate, ARG

Line players:

Gonzalo Carou – Istres, FRA

Pablo Portela – River Plate, ARG

Sergio Crevatin – SAG Almirante Brown, ARG



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