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ASOBAL in trouble: BM Valladolid in financial problems

President of BM Valladolid, Dionisio Miguel Recio, confirmed on Tuesday a deficit of 317,000 euros in the 2010/11 budget.

Miguel Recio has clarified that “as of today, the club is 317 000 euros less than budgeted as a result of wrong calculation raised with regard to fertilizers.”

Club Management want to solve problem with a more income from game tickets. The sports Huerta del Rey, which has a capacity for 3,500 people, currently has “occupied seats 3154, including those who by their low profile, can not be sold, so there are 406 seats available, specified by the club president Valladolid.

“We’re not happy because there are many places that are free, but we will work tirelessly to try to be occupied during the season and therefore we have raised a number of projects, including the campaign “Come and get hooked handball ‘, in which shall be paid only on sale for the Champions League, “he qualified.

Handball in Spain is in big trouble. After former Portland San Antonio cut budget and become just “ordinary team”, Ademar Leon has a problems, now BM Valladolid and even Ciudad Real had to cut their costs (in case of Jerome Fernandez, sold Petar Metlicic). ASOBAL teams alrea dyor finally lost their battle with Bundesliga. Now it is a question, do they lost title of second strongest league at the world of handball?

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