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Bera Bera has taken precedence in Spain!

After long period, some another team has taken precedence in Spain from Itxako. Bera Bera showed the difference in the “class” over the biggest rival, Itxako 42:18 in the Super Cup Final clash.

Bera Bera 42 – Itxako 18

Bera Bera 42 (18+24): Zoqbi, Altuna (6), Rubio (1), Cuña, Núñez (4), Elorza (2) y Ziarsolo (5, 2p) –titular- Pinedo (2), Menédez (8), Dunay (3, 1p), Castro (6), Ederra (4), Arizaga (1) y Yamiley (p.s.)

Asfi Itxako Navarra 18 (9+9): Maestro, Badea (2), Alina (2, 1p), Selene Sifuenes (4), Barrios (3), Arrechea, Saray Urdiain, Vera do Carno (1), Lidia Jiménez (6, 3p) y Tania Serrano (p.s.


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