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Best players in LNH and LFH announced!

At the Bobino Theatre, the best players of this years championships in France were announced. As expected most of the prizes in men’s competition were taken by Nantes, Chambery and Montpellier players, while most of the winners in the women competition came from Arvor, Toulon and Brest. Best player is Valero Rivera, while best player in the women competition was selected Alexandra Lacrabere from Arvor.


Best player: Valero Rivera (Nantes).
Best coach : Patrice Canayer (Montpellier).
Best prospect : Hugo Descat (Créteil).
Best defender: Rock Feliho (Nantes).
Best back : Cyril Dumoulin (Chambéry).
Best left back: Jérôme Fernandez (Toulouse).
Best midback : Edin Basic (Chambéry).
Best right back: Xavier Barachet (Chambéry).
Best pivot : Issam Tej (Montpellier).
Best left winger : Valero Rivera (Nantes).
Best right winger : Dragan Gajic (Montpellier).



Best player : Alexandra Lacrabère (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best coach : Laurent Bezeau (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best prospect : Coralie Lassource (Issy-Paris).
Best defender : Nina Kanto (Metz).
Best back : Cléopâtre Darleux (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best left back : Christianne Mwasesa (Toulon-Saint-Cyr).
Best midback : Julija Nikolic (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best right back : Alexandra Lacrabère (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best pivot : Julie Goiorani (Arvor 29 Pays-de-Brest).
Best left winger: Siraba Dembélé (Toulon-Saint-Cyr).
Best right winger: Audrey Deroin (Toulon-Saint-Cyr).

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