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Borko Ristovski is THW Kiel target? If Kiel and Kielce agree about Wolff…

Where gonna continue career Macedonian goalkeeper Borko Ristovski, who ended his contract with FC Barcelona Lassa is still unkown, but there could a “bomb” if some bricks in the wall change in upcoming days. Macedonian published interview with 36-years old Macedonian goalie, who keeps open possibility of wearing THW Kiel t-shirt in the future if deal between THW Kiel and PGE Vive Kielce about transfer fee for Andreas Wolff would be reached.

  • It is true that I agreed with Kiel about salary and duration of the contract. However, that deal will become active only if Wollf goes to Kielce this summer. All depends of negotiations between Kiel and Kielce – said Ristovski. 

Andreas Wolff has signed contract with PGE Vive Kielce wich start from the season 2019/2020. 

PGE Vive Kielce’s boss Bertus Servaas said exclusively for that club has no intention to sign Wolff a season before.

PGE Vive Kielce have two goalkeepers under contract – Croatian Filip Ivic and newcomer Vladimir Cupara, who is coming from BM Ademar Leon, according three years deal.

Ristovski has a huge international experience. He played already in Germany at VfL Gummersbach and Rhein Neckar Lowen. If he becomes a new member of “Zebras”, Ristovski will share goal-line with the Danish star Niklas Landin.

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