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Brazilian player Lucas Souza passed away

Brazilian handball player Lucas Souza was found dead at home yesterday morning. Unlucky young man didn’t have heart problems before. He played handball for over 10 years.  Born in Sao Caetano do Sul, he took his first steps still in high school and played for Methodist, São Bernardo do Campo, the Brazilian team and youth. The player also participated in campsites with yellow-green team.

The city of São Paulo ABC, incidentally, suffered one of the most striking cases of death by strokes in Brazilian sport in October 2004. At age 30, defender Serginho was the victim of a heart attack during the match with his team São Paulo, at Morumbi.

TEXT: Luiz Gustavo da S. Machado



  1. Maciek Poland

    2. October 2013. at 17:05

    Rest in peace 🙁

  2. GIOX 12

    2. October 2013. at 15:53


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