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Bundesliga (Round 28): Flensburg wins derby against Fuchse!

The derby this round was the game between Flensburg and Fuchse Berlin. In a very exciting game which was won 17:12, and when it seemed that the Berlin side had the real cure for Flensburg, the hosts managed to make an incredible come-back in the second half, and win it with 16:8! This meant, winning the game with 28:25. Kaufmann led the home team with 7 goals, while the visitors had Christophersen scoring 7 as well. This victory meant Flensburg is now on the second place in the Bundesliga!

In the other games, the following results were scored: Bergischer 26:27 Hildesheim, Grosswallstadt 26:34 HSV Hamburg, RN Lowen 30:24 Lubbecke, Huttenberg 28:28 Gummersbach

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