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SEHA: Vardar-Metalurg in the Final!

The SEHA Regional League will see an all-Macedonian final. The teams of Vardar Skopje and Metalurg Skopje won their semi-final games against their respective Croatian and Slovakian opponents, and will meet in the final which is scheduled for tomorrow at 18:00. The third place match will start at 15:30. The entrance is free.

In the first game, Metalurg took an early lead against Tatran Presov and managed to build on it until the half time. But the beginning of the second half announced the come-back of the strong Tatran Presov team. Lead by Kristopans who scored 9 goals, and Verkic saving lots of seven-meters, the Slovakian made sure it was a thriller game until the game. Kozlina scored the winning shot for Metalurg, and Presov failed to capitalize in the final seconds of the game, thus allowing Metalurg Skopje to reach the final with a score of 26:25. Markovic was the leading topscorer for the Skopje side with 6 goals.

In the second, and more interesting game, host RK Zagreb was unpleasantly surprised by Vardar Skopje. Despite leading by mostly 2 goals the whole game, the Zagreb side had problem keeping the lead in the final minutes of the game when Vardar first equalized, and with 30 seconds to go scored to take the lead with 30:29. Zagreb had the final attack, but they failed to score, and this saw Vardar Skopje reaching the final, where they meet for them well-known Metalurg Skopje squad.

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