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CENTRAL-EUROPEAN FINAL: Veszprem win drama!

MVM Veszprem are at the EHF Final 4 final for the second time in two years! Xavi Sabate boys repeated success from the year before against the same rival – THW Kiel 31:28 – 25:25 (12:15). On the wings of the loudest fans support at Lanxess Arena, THW Kiel opened match in classy manner with five goals for the first six minutes (5:2). Powerful backline Ilic-Palmarsson-Nagy couldn’t find good enough solutions to outplay agressive defensive line of „Zebras“, but the best part of the first half for the Hungarian champions became from that moment with eight minutes of decent defense which produced 4:0 series.

Aron Palmarsson netted his first goal for 6:5 in 15th minute, Veszprem stayed up until 9:8 when Ilic ended his four goal series in the first half. THW goalie Niklas Landin saved some important balls to help his team-mates to make turnover in which impressive was Christian Dissinger with two goals.

Veszprem’s coach Xavi Sabate tried to keep his team alive with Rodriguez and Sliskovic who replaced Ilic and Palmarsson, but that didn’t work. In the last attack of the first half, Domagoj Duvnjak put Kiel’s fans on the feet with goals for 15:12.

Furious 5:0 series of Veszprem forced Alfred Gislason to call time-out after eight minutes of the second half. Roland Mikled picked up some balls between the posts while Marguc and Ivancsik used two chances to score easy goals for 17:15.

Kiel found the balance quickly after it with the help of Niklas Landin, but also Domagoj Duvnjak and Marko Vujin for 20:20 only 12 minutes before the final whistle.

A great fight has been seen until the last second. Ilic netted his eighth goal for 23:23 three and a half minutes before the buzzer. Ekberg scored for 24:23, while Duvnjak put his team on +2 after technical mistake by Aron Palmarsson who threw the ball in out.

Laszlo Nagy netted for 25:24 just right after time-out called by Veszprem’s bench. Kiel came to the last minute with one goal advantage and a ball. Dissinger tried 15 seconds before the end, but ball missed the target.  Only few seconds left, but that was enough for Gasper Marguc who scored for extra-time – 25:25.

The first star of extra-time was Ivan Sliskovic, who put two balls in Landin’s net in the opening five minutes for 28:26. Kiel’s resistance was over five minutes before the end. Marguc missed counter-attack, but two easy-goals followed by Ugalde for 30:26….

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1 Comment

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