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Chambery Savoie with 15% decreased budget: Club is at stake

The French team Chambery Savoie have announced decreasing of the budget for the upcoming season 2020/2021. Club’s director Laurent Munier told to that the whole team needs to have understanding for situation in which sport is right now due corona-virus pandemic:

“We will have to,” explains Laurent Munier , “make 680,000 euros in savings and therefore, in a way, reduce our lifestyle. We are going to have, in fact,” concludes the general manager , “to lower wages on all levels of the club and we are all concerned. We have already discussed it with all concerned and, if, obviously, it is not pleasant for anyone, everyone has shown a lot of understanding. In any case, the survival of the club is at stake.”

Yann Genty, Johannes Marescot, Romain Briffre and Lukas Von Deschwanden leaving Chambery at the end of this season, while newcomers are Nikola Portner, Lars Mousing Nielsen and Iosu Goni Leoz.

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