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CHAMPIONS STRIKE AGAIN: Jurkiewicz to Vive Targi Kielce!

Another “shocking” news for the Orlen Wisla Plock fans is transfer of one of the best Wisla’s players this season – Mariusz Jurkiewicz to the biggest rival KS Vive Targi Kielce. The big boss of the Polish champions, Bertus Servaas made possible that former BM Atletico Madrid member work again with the coach from Spanish days – Talant Dujshebaev.

Even more interesting that contract is signed from 2015, so Jurkiewicz has to stay one more season in Wisla, before the start of contract which will keep him until 2018 in Kielce.

That is the “second attack” on the relation Kielce – Plock this season. The first one was transfer of Croatian goalkeeper Marin Sego, who will also play in yellow jersey from the next season.

It is not the first year that players going into one direction from Plock. Right back Paczkowski and left back Chrapkowski were also “Oilers” before transfers to Kielce.

Anger among Wisla’s fans is even bigger with the name of maybe the best Polish player in this moment. One status on the official Wisla Plock page on Facebook, message choosen among many comments of Wisla fans, speaking a lot about their emotions:

“You can buy half of our team – we will use our second team players

 You can have each of our hireling – we will use plock youngsters
You can make your dreams come true by hiring 32-old players – we will play our rookies
You can buy the ORLEN Arena – we will get back to Blaszak Arena (the previous hall)…”


  1. BigFan

    29. May 2014. at 23:08

    He didn’t take a better offer. Wisla and kielce as I remember ended on the same level in Champions League. Sure, kielce won in Poland this year, but like in the last one Wisla managed to take part in Champions League by winning with Montpellier. In conclusion on the neutral ground with fair judges they are on the same level (but Wisla has better coach – shame on you Talant).

  2. trol

    29. May 2014. at 09:18

    He simply chose the better offer. Nobody wants to play in Wisla, when they make no results at all.

  3. lays

    29. May 2014. at 08:56

    Vive often reaches dirty means to defend Polish champion.
    Nothing them can not because they are without honor and do not have fans. Wisła and their fantastic fans and so raise.

  4. lays

    29. May 2014. at 08:51


  5. hardarsko

    28. May 2014. at 15:26

    It has no connection with fair play. On transfer market there are a lot of very good players who Kielce can buy. Unfortunately they are afraid that Wisla can win Polish Championship. When Kielce will lose sponsors and has to sell their players.

  6. Fred

    28. May 2014. at 12:20

    Plock > Kielce

  7. jack

    28. May 2014. at 12:17

    Congratulations to Robert Raczkowski!

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