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Copa del Rey: Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and La Rioja with one leg in the semifinals

After the first leg of the quarter-finals of the Spanish Copa del Rey, three teams can be said to be with one leg in the semifinals. Atletico Madrid beat Granollers away 30:25, Barcelona won at BM Aragon with 34:30, while La Rioja won at home against Cuenca with 35:27, and it seems that the second legs will be formality only. All is open in the fourth game where Ademar Leon will have a tough task at “Ovni” arena against Puerto Sagunto, after only drawing at home with 24:24, despite being touted as huge favorites by the bookies.

Scores: Ademar Leon 24:24 Puerto Sagunto, BM Aragon 30:34 Barcelona, La Rioja 35:27 Cuenca, Granollers 25:30 Atletico Madrid

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