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Croatia to play against Spain for semis after win over Egypt

Croatia are the last quarter-finalists of the IHF World Championship 2017 in France! After two shocking surprises by Hungary and Qatar, the bronze medal winners from EHF EURO 2016 didn’t allow the third one against Egypt 21:19 (14:7) even African champions showed good performance in the second half and came closer to team coached by Zeljko Babic.

Croatian goalkeeper Ivan Pesic, who replaced Filip Ivic before the start of knock-out stage, had a good night with 11 saves, but the most influental guy on the court was playmaker Luka Cindric with five goals, some of the most important in the last phase of the clash.

CROATIA – EGYPT  21:19 (13:7)

CROATIA: Pešić 11 saves, Stevanović; Mihić, Duvnjak 2, Stepančić 3, Gojun, Matulić, Horvat 6(1), Kontrec, Mandalinić, Štrlek 1, Musa 3, Jotić, Mamić 1, Šebetić, Cindrić 5;

EGYPT : Hendawy 5 saves, Shahin 8 saves; Abouebaid 4, Omar, Ramadan 4, Eissa 3, Abdelrazek, Khairy, Elbassiouny, El-Masry, Sayed, El-Deraa 3, El-Ahmar 5(2), Shebib, Sanad, Abdelrahim;

PHOTO: Jozo Čabraja, HRS

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