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Danish giant Rene Toft Hansen stopped by strict IHF rule

 Danish line-player Rene Toft Hansen couldn’t help his team-mates at the start of the IHF World Championship 2017 in France. Despite his help wasn’t necessary to the squad of Olympic champions against Argentina 33:22, it could be a serious problem for Gudmundur Gudmundsson if he couldn’t count on THW Kiel line-player during Championship. Reason – IHF rule, which now preventing players to use elbow brace with metal parts. Toft Hansen use it last six years with club and national team, but now that won’t be possible so team’s doctor Steen Bo Kalms looking for a quick and solid solution in order to get back player into the team:

  • There is to my knowledge never been incidents where someone is hurt because of an elbow shine, and I have called scientific evidence of damage caused by a padded bandage,” says Steen Bo Kalms, who since 1998 has served as elbow and shoulder specialist and been the national team’s regular doctor since 2006.

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Kalms also explains why Rene Toft can not use a shine without metal:

– An elbow is a hinge joint, and an injury in this type of context requires a hinged brace, else you risk hyperextension. This type of track is allowed around the knee joint, so I am surprised that it is not allowed around the elbow joint. 

While health staff has tried to find practical solutions, the Danish Handball Federation last month tried to influence IHF’s rules on the subject, says Secretary General, Morten Stig Christensen.

“We have done what we could in the scenes to convince the IHF that this brace should be approved and the European Handball Player Association, EHPU, has also been called on to put pressure on,” says Morten Stig Christensen and mentions:

  • For example, we in the process prompted IHF to let it be a medical decision, so it was not judges or delegates without a medical background who carried out the assessment. They succeeded, and then they asked us to submit brace and a medical grounds, which we have done, but unfortunately it has not changed their views on the matter, “said the Danish Secretary-General.

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Source: DHF.dk

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