Danish girls keep semifinal hopes

Jan Pitlyck’s girls obtained two very important points on the first match of the group 1 of the main round with a victory against Poland for 19-28. This win keeps the Danes alive in the road to the semifinals of this Euro 2014.


Denmark took the lead on the first minutes (3-6 at 15’), but the game would soon become very untidy. Poland managed to take advantage of the turnovers and evened the match. Both goalkeepers were now the key to a very low scoring. The Danish faced a 10 minute gap in which they were unable to score, but they somehow recovered and tied the score on the last play of the first half, it was 9-9 after the first 30 minutes.

The second half saw Denmark recover from a very sloppy first half where they had conceded 10 turnovers and had only scored 32% of their shots. Although Siodmiak opened the scoreboard on the second half, it took 10 minutes to the Scandinavians to take the lead again, this time with a 4 goal distance (12-16). Sandra Toft was responsible for the comeback (41% saves), as well as Maria Fisker, who took advantage of the rapid transitions and ball progressions in attack, the left wing was top scorer of the match with 6 goals.

Stine Jörgensen was chosen MVP for Denmark (5 goals), while Kynga Grzyb was MVP for Poland (3 goals). The top scorer for the conducted by Kim Rasmussen was Karolina Siodmiak.

The Danish have now 3 points in this main round and will face Hungary on Monday. The Polish have zero points and their next opponent will be Norway, also on Monday.


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