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Danish League “Best 7” – Mollgaard MVP!

Danish League wants to make next step in the field of handball statistics. League officials announced the TOP 7 players of the regular part of the season based on statistics values – Most Efficient Players (MEP):
– MEP is a measure of how well the players are in all attacks aspects . As an example, goal and assist are plus points while missed shots and error passes give less. On the basis of all actions enables each player an overall point number after every game that shows how effective he has been compared to all the other players. MEP points in each round are among other basis for the award of the “team of the week”, and we accumulate each player’s score , and thus get an overview of the players who consistently perform best in the league. This we can also categorize each position and thus announce the All Star team , said Thomas Knudsen.
Player with the highest MEP score is Henrik Møllgaard from Skjern. He is also TOP scorer of the regular part of the season with 163 goals, writes hbold.dk.

All Star team :

Goalkeeper Kevin Moller , GOG Handball, 82.60 MEP

Left wing : Kasper Kvist, Mors-Thy Handball, 77.61 MEP

Left back : Henrik Møllgaard , Skjern , 98.42 MEP

Playmaker Matias Hist Jepsen, Ribe Esbjerg HH, 78.56 MEP

Right back : Kasper Søndergaard, Skjern , 65.06 MEP

Right wing Patrick Wiesmach Larsen, Team TVIS Holstebro , 67.22 MEP

Line Player : Donald Zachariassen SønderjyskE, 73.90 MEP

Examples of MEP points allocation :


Goal Penalty : 0.45 points

Assist : 0.3 points

Shots fired from the wing: -0.3 points

Error Return : -0.35 points


Shots saved from stroke : 0.48 points

Shot on a post or shot past the wing : 0.05 points

Saved penalty : 0.6 points

Goals Conceded from wing : -0.2 points

Goals Conceded by line : -0.13 points

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1 Comment

  1. Anonymous

    18. March 2014. at 12:08

    Two of seven are new Flensburg’s signings…

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