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SWE/POL 2023

Denmark goes to World’s hat-trick!

Denmark are going for the third goal medal at World Championships in a row! After Herning 2019 and Cairo 2021, Danish squad led by Nikolaj Jakobsen will have a chance to win the hat-trick in Stockholm Tele2 Arena on Sunday.

Niklas Landin was the hero of his nation in semi-final clash in Gdansk, where Danes traveled for only one match from Malmo.

Spain came after -5 few times into the game again, but 45 seconds before the final buzzer when the result was 25:23, Landin was once again saved important 7-meter shot by Feran Sole to destroy hopes of the Spaniards.

Spain – Denmark 23-26 (10-15)

Spain : Alex Dujshebaev Dovichebaeva 5, Ferran Sole Sala 4, Angel Fernandez Perez 3, Abel Serdio Guntin 3, Joan Canellas Reixach 2, Pol Valera Rovira 1, Gonzalo Perez 1, Daniel Dujshebaev Dovichebaeva 1, Kauldi Odriozola 1, Adrian Figueras Trejo 1.

Denmark : Simon Bogetoft Pytlick 6, Magnus Saugstrup Jensen 5, Mikkel Hansen 4, Mathias Gidsel 3, Emil M. Jakobsen 3, Magnus Landin Jacobsen 2, Lukas Jørgensen 1, Simon Hald Jensen 1, Niclas Vest Kirkelokke 1.

PHOTO: IHF, Rafal Oleksiewicz

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