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SWE/POL 2023

France to play for the 7th World Championship Final

France are going for the seventh World Championship gold medal on Sunday at Tele2 Arena in Stockholm.

Even 20.000 domestic fans who cheered for their Swedish heroes couldn’t stop fantastic team of Guillaume Gille who won it impressively after 60 minutes of a great battle – 31:26 (16:12).

There was no doubt on the way for French eight World Championship final (they lost only in 1993).

France – Sweden 31-26 (16-12)

France : Ludovic Fabregas 6, Dika Mem 5, Kentin Mahe 5, Nedim Remili 4, Nicolas Tournat 4, Yanis Lenne 3, Elohim Prandi 2, Dylan Nahi 1, Romain Lagarde 1.

Sweden : Eric Johansson 5, Daniel Pettersson 4, Jonathan Carlsbogard 4, Felix Claar 3, Hampus Wanne 2, Niclas Ekberg 2, Oscar Bergendahl 2, Albin Lagergren 2, Lukas Sandell 1, Max Darj 1.

PHOTO: IHF, Rafal Oleksiewicz

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