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Denmark host EURO 2014, Ulrik Wilbek: “Our tricks were better”

President of the Danish Handball Federation (DHF), Per Rasmussen, giving coach Ulrik Wilbek much of the credit for the European Championship 2014 to be held in Denmark.

The Danish country trainer presentations by EHF Congress was something special.

– Croats and Hungarians delivered a presentation as one might expect it. It was nice and pretty, and they told of their great halls and beautiful hotels. It is certainly someone who has allowed himself to impress, but Ulrik had a much more personal approach, and he spoke both with the heart and the heart. He presented our message that we will develop handball in the nicest way, “says Per Rasmussen.

Just a tooth for exciting
Denmark won the morning’s vote against the Croatian-Hungarian bid, although it was only with voting figures from 24 to 22.

– It was just a tad more exciting than we had anticipated. We thought that most were fairly safe house, but experience also shows that there is always a 15-20 percent who drop out and it was indeed also the case here, “says Per Rasmussen.

– We’ve made a really good lobbying before, and has caused us a great foundation, which means that we have had to move fewer votes than them. So even if they use their tricks so we used our course, “said a “star”, Danish headcoach, Ulrik Wilbek.

Next step for DHF in the direction of 2014 is now getting screwed a timetable and an organizing committee together.

Venue: Gigantium
Max. Capacity: 8500
Year built: 1999

Venue: Atletion
Max. Capacity: 4700
Year built: 2001

Venue: MCH Multi Arena
Max. Capacity: 14,000
Year built: 2010 (inaugurated in October)

Venue: Arena Fyn
Max. Capacity: 3200
Year built: 2007

Venue: Ballerup Super Arena
Max. Capacity: 9200
Year built: 2001

Photo: Lars Krabbe

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