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Ex-coach, new politician: Wilbek resigns as DHF sports director

Ulrik Wilbek will no longer be a sports director of the Danish Handball Federation! The legendary Danish coach will use his energy for local politics activities in Viborg. He decided to leave handball after post-Olympic media stories in which he was marked as the one who spoke with the players about possible dismissing of Gudmundur Gudmundsson from the position of the national team head-coach:

“The most important thing for me has always been and continues to Danish handball, and in light of the turmoil there has been since returning from the Olympics in Rio, I can not see myself continuing as sports manager. I do not want to take the focus from the national team job, but I want to give Gudmundur the best working conditions in the future, “said coach likes to throw that looks back on four years of effort in sports executive role.

“I have been extremely happy for all my years in DHF and especially my time as a sports, where most of the work have related to talent development and cooperation with the domestic coaches, clubs and elite environment of Danish handball. It has been an incredibly rewarding and exciting work. Now I will use the time to come to hand over my responsibilities to others in DHF, and then I will use my energy on the local political work in Viborg – said Wilbek.

Wilbek didn’t deny that he spoke with the group of the players after first defeat in Rio against Croatia about “improvements”. However, the media story became too big even for Wilbek…

Denmark won gold medal in Rio, after bad start with two defeats in Preliminary Round…

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