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Dinamo Bucharest against Federation: We will play Hungarian league!

Tensions after decision of Romanian Handball Federation to limit number of non-EU players on three for the next season, are still very high according to prosport.ro.

Director of the best Romanian team, HC Dinamo Bucharest, who has nine non-EU players in current squad, Oividu Semen, announced shocking possibility if Federation doesn’t change decision.

“If this decision cannot be changed, we think that next season we will no longer participate in the Romanian championship and we will consider participating in one of the championships in the surrounding countries, most likely in Hungary. Why Hungary? We have a very good lobby there, after Marian Cozma played good years there. We also have a very good relationship with Vespers club. We have already contacted the Hungarian federation and we are trying to find a solution ”, Ovidiu Semen told TVR Sport .

“If Mr Semen said that we can get to play in Hungary, it means he knows what he is saying and assumes. It would be a disaster for the Romanian handball, but Dedu leaves the federation and lets us have a handball in Romania too! ” , said Dinamo club president Daniel Georgescu, exclusively for ProSport.

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