DRAMA IN NANTES: Dumoulin “catches” Schmid – No winners at the end

It was a great match with spectacular finish in Nantes, where HBC Nantes and Rhein Neckar Lowen played 26:26 (15:16). The best DKB Bundesliga player and certainly the leader of the “Lions” Andy Schmid had a chance to score winning goal for his team, but domestic goalkeeper Cyril Dumoulin caught his tricky 7-meter shot five seconds before the final buzzer.

HBC Nantes – Rhein-Neckar Löwen 26:26 (15:16)

HBC Nantes: Dumoulin, Siffert – Lagarde (6), Faluvegi, Claire (2), Buric (2), Pechmalbec, Tournat (3), Emonet (3), Matulic (2), Lazarov (6/2), Gurbindo (1), Balaguer (1), Scott, Matiaba-Tuzolana

RNL: Appelgren, Palicka – Tollbring (1), Sigurdsson, Groetzki, Radivojevic (4), Schmid (8/2), Pekeler (3), Guardiola (2), Bliznac, Petersson, Reinkind (1), Mensah (3), Rnic (3), Taleski, Baena (1)

Photo: HBC Nantes Facebook

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