EHF CL: Metalurg “sinks” Bjerringbro-Silkeborg, Fuchse Berlin better than Pick Szeged

Sunday was definitely “home teams” day, as all home teams in the Champions League won their games. HC Metalurg scored another dominant win after last-weeks 18-goals victory against St Petersburg. Bjerringbro-Silkeborg only managed to fend off Metalurg in the first half when the hosts went at break with 18:14. But in the second half, the crowd had the pleasure to see a brilliant HC Metalurg defence and even more brilliant Darko Stanic on the goal. All in all, Lino Cervar‘s team only conceded four (4) goals in the second half, while scoring 14, for a final win of 32:18.

Similar thing in France, where hosts Chambery finally played a brilliant game and beat St Petersburg at home with 33:19 . After yesterday’s RK Zagreb win over Kadetten Schaffhausen, Pick Szeged were assured the fourth place in their group and went relaxed in Berlin, where they lost to Fuchse Berlin with 29:24

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