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EMPTY SEATS IN CELJE AND FLENSBURG, 4.800 fans in Nantes – Are you ready for Zagreb’s silence?

The first day of the Men’s EHF Champions League showed a completely different atmosphere in the countries which allow fans in time of corona-virus and in some which are strict about that question.

Celje’s Zlatorog Arena and Flensburg “Flens Arena” have been empty in the first home clashed of their teams. It was really sad to watch good matches without “push” from the stands.

On the other side, HBC Nantes used the chance to invite their fans at the first big match of the season. Clash between French vice-champions and Telekom Veszprem has been followed by 4.800 fans in the hall regarding “5.000 maximum rule” provided by the Government.

In Belarus, in Brest, 1.350 fans supported Meshkov Brest in their first victory against RK Vardar Skopje 24:22. Capacity of the hall is 3.500 seats.

Today, we will following the biggest “ghost match” in handball history in Zagreb, where RK Zagreb will meet THW Kiel.

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