Filip Jicha to Barca? THW Kiel out of TOP 3 in Europe

The rumour, which aren’t only gossips when even THW Kiel Facebook page shares links – Filip Jicha to FC Barcelona? It was obvious that the EHF Champions League winner will trash money to find a real replacement for Nikola Karabatic, after he moved to PSG Handball in transfer which rumours marked on 2 million EUR, but it looks. The only thing which is non-understandable is why “Zebras” want to let their captain to go?

FC Barcelona tried to sign MKB MVM Veszprem star, twice in a row best EHF CL goalscorer, Momir Ilic, but the Hungarian management said easily “NO”, what was in direction of their ambitions – which going toward the EHF CL trophy in Cologne 2016.

Is this means that Alfred Gislason has no that kind of ambitions, after he lost “Icelandic thunder” Aron Palmarsson, who reinforced one of the three-four biggest rivals (Veszprem) on the road to Cologne?

If Jicha put sign on the paper in “Blaugrana”, will THW Kiel be able to fight for the European crown, and will that be a sign that for the first time after many years, TOP German teams will seat in the “second row” of the favorites behind the champions of France, Spain, Hungary and Poland?

The “golden generation” with Nikola Karabatic in “black and white” was extended with amazing years with Ilic, Narcisse, Omeyer and Ahlm in the main roles. After these four stars got their “golden watches” at the end of season 2012/2013, Kiel struggling to find new identity even the system remained the same.

Without Jicha and Palmarsson, Kiel will waste all the potential gained in the “golden period” between 2008-2013. Ok, it will be stronger between the posts with Niklas Landin, but still, a lot of force is needed in back-line.

Gislason didn’t succeed with Jallouz and Lauge, he will try to find new “potential” in Christian Dissinger, but Dissi, the world best junior in generation 1990, still need time to reach TOP level after many injuries he had in the past. Generally, Gislason didn’t manage to make TOP players from most of his youngstar’s signings as Palicka, Sjostrand, Sonne, etc…

For Bundesliga, THW Kiel look still unbeatable, but for Europe, if captain leaves the board, “Zebras” will be out of TOP 3 candidates for the glory night.

Why Kiel losing the battle with other TOP teams? Why Jicha has to leave Baltic in age 33 or Ilic as 32-years old bomber? There are two thesis. One of them problem with money, which is almost unbeliavable when handball world witnessing the number of tickets which are sold for their matches in Sparkassen Arena and sponsors. Second, club’s politics which are looking always for a new, fresh blood.

However, it looks that handball “Manchester United” struggling to stay among the best…

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