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Fourth MHWC began: Handball Carnival erupted in Omis!!! (Video)

The very best handball energy you can see and feel at the moment lives in the fairy tale Adriatic city of Omis, Croatia. The fourth edition of MASTERS HANDBALL WORLD CUP began with the incredible opening ceremony, which turned to be a real Carnival. The veterans from all around the world celebrated together at SC “Ribnjak” with famous Croatian singing star, Igor Cukro.

More then 800 veterans from 15 different countries, will enjoy the event who became a worldwide trademark in this handball category. Until September 12th, they will play for glory and trophies in two female, and three male tournaments.

The first games were very exciting, with late drama goals and saves that gave first points to the Austrian Dramac Group and Hungarian MAFC. Here are the first results at the fourth MHWC:

M 35+  VRK Trogir – Dramac Group 10:11

F 40+  Seni Girls – ŽVRK Split 6:11

M 40+  PEAC – HKKH Hana 11:10

F 30+  SINJ –  ZADAR 17:4

M 50+  MAFC Masters – HT Pabianice 7:6

DAY 2:

Court 1
14.00 SHTH Slovakia – HC Brno
14.30 Bise Masters – HC Kharkiy
15.00 ŽVRK Osijek – ARUC Brazil
15.30 ŽVRK Zadar – HC Dubai
16.00 Legion Ukraina – SHTH Slovakia
16.30 HBH Morava – Seni Girls
17.00 HC Spalatine – ŽVRK Zadar
17.30 HKKH Hana – HC Brno
18.00 ŽVRK Osijek – HBH Morava
18.30 Sumy United – PEAC PTKE
19.00 HC Dubai – Dramac Group
19.30 ŽVRK Zadar – ARUC Brazil
20.00 HC Kharkiy – HT Pabianice
20.30 PEAC PTKE – Apha Rohc

Court 2 
14.00 ARUC Brazil – HC Dubai
14.30 Sumy United – Oldi Szezecin
15.00 HC Bucovina – HC Dubai
15.30 ŽVRK Sinj – HC Spalatine
16.00 HC Brno – Bud Ha
16.30 ŽVRK Split – ŽVRK Osijek
17.00 ARUC Brazil – ŽVRK Sinj
17.30 Bud Ha – Legion Ukraina
18.00 ARUC Brazil – ŽVRK Split
18.30 Oldi Szezecin – Alpha ROHC
19.00 HC Bucovina – VRK Trogir
19.30 HC Dubai – HC Spalatine
20.00 Bise Masters – MAFC Masters


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