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From Beijing to London – Norway is the BEST!

Four times in a row European champion, current World Champion and twice in a row Olympic Champion. Breivik, Hergeirsson, story is the same. NORWAY IS THE BEST!




  1. Peki

    14. August 2012. at 20:13

    What the HELL you are talking about????? Norway DID NOT DESERVE THE GOLD!!!!!!!!! Shame on those 2 french referees…if i can call them referees anyway. They brought you up “gold” medal……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should learn from us how to act with two players less on the field. This match, was not regional third class league…FOR GOD SAKE this was FINAL OF OLYMPICS!!!!!
    And last but not at least…at the last seconds of the match in this final, such an idiot of Norwegian woman can score the goal…with opponent team clapping their hands…only moro girl.
    Anyhow…wish to all Norwegians happy with their black scratched gold medal and victory…history remains, we know who was the best!!!!!!
    P.S: For your info…If you know anyone in France who was watching this match live on their CANAL +, ask them to quote for you french commentator on TV….” I am ashame to comment this match with this referees, what they do to brilliant Montenegrin players….

  2. White Paul

    12. August 2012. at 14:24

    The referees were disgrace, and it looked like that they had Norway jersey on, in some moments. I wonder if this left Norway girls with some bad taste in their mouth?

  3. srdjan

    12. August 2012. at 13:27

    Translation: Sramota za svjetski rukomet! Ukrasti bilo kome snove… Zamislite samo djevojke koje su cijeli zivot vrijedno trenirale i dozivjele da budu bolje u finalu Olimpijskih igara,i onda im neko(Bonaventura) ne daju da pobijede! Bruka za sport!

  4. love

    12. August 2012. at 11:46

    From Beijing to London Norway and referees what a love story that is. Ask Korea if you don’t believe. @Hungarians And what if this is first final for Montenegro, they deserved fair game and they didn’t get it. And sad is that Norway couldn’t close game untill the end, because Montenegro fight even with 4 players. Shame.

  5. Filip

    12. August 2012. at 11:16

    Such a bad arbitration. Shame for the Olympic games! Congratulations for the good play of Montenegro…

  6. neutral

    12. August 2012. at 10:50

    well then obviously the Hungarian didnt watch the whole game. 90% of the time Montenegrin girls were left with 5 or even 4 players in the field, and they still faught back. they received hits in their necks that were easily overlooked and the referees not only havent given the Norwegians exclusions, but they didnt even give Montenegro a foul. it was a disgrace for handball.

  7. Helen

    12. August 2012. at 10:45

    Well Hungarians as you can see things change..what happened to your water polo team this year ? hahaha there is first time for everything, right? I totally agree with Marxus, shame on french refferees! Moral winner : Montenegro!

  8. what

    12. August 2012. at 10:10

    Norway didn’t won anything, referees gave them , like they did 4 years ago in Beijing. Does this sport has sense anymore? Korea goal yesterday was canceled and Norway scored sam goal aginst them 4 years ago in Beijing and of course that one was good.

  9. Hungarians

    12. August 2012. at 08:22

    darling what are you talking about 😀 its the first time for Montenegrin to reach a good place!!! Norway deserve it 😉 be more realistic, lsn we are the Hungarians have a lot of famous and great players like ANITA GORBICZ, BOJONA RADLOVICS, PALINGER KATALIN and many more we have many time the best handball players in the world but to be more fairly Norway wins the competitions and we (HUNGARIANS) win the individual awards, so (NORWAY & HUNGARY) ARE THE BEST IN HANDBALL

    congratulation NORWAY

  10. Marxus

    11. August 2012. at 22:57

    They were not better than Montenegrins.But referees helped them alot though and it should be investigated because it’s real shame for France that they’re represents showed so bad.

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