Bojana Popovic: “When needed, the Bonaventura sisters were there for Norway”

Montenegro had the biggest success in handball history winning the silver at the Olympics, losing the final to Norway. Bojana Popovic will retire from the national team after this game, and she was very direct when it came who to blame for the defeat. The finger is pointed at the Bonaventura sisters: “It was seen from the beginning that they will help Norway, starting from the exclusions up to situations in which they whistle us travelling on the second step while Norway nothing even on the fifth step. We expected that, and it’s a pity that they managed to make us angry with the unfair refereeing. We know that it will be like that, it’s not a coincidence that they were refereeing us in Brazil and here too. Whenever needed, them too are there to help Norway. They were nowhere during the whole tournament, and now they showed up..” – was clear Popovic.



  1. Peki

    14. August 2012. at 19:57

    What the HELL you are talking about????? Norway DID NOT DESERVE THE GOLD!!!!!!!!! Shame on those 2 french referees…if i can call them referees anyway. They brouht you up gold medal……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You should learn from us how to act with two players less on the field. This match, was not regional third class league…FOR GOD SAKE this was FINAL OF OLYMPICS!!!!!
    And last but not at least…at the last seconds of the match in this final, such an idiot of Norwegian woman can score the goal…with opponent team clapping their hands…only moroon girl.
    Any how…wish to all norwegians happy with their black scratched victory…history remains!!!!!!

  2. Vlado

    13. August 2012. at 21:31

    What are you talking about ??? Have a luck is one thing, luck follows great and courageous individuals and teams, robbery is crime, whole world saw these two French robbers in shameful action, together with those who placed them in this final, I agree completely what Skid says…Mister Mustafa and others from IHF and EHF, what are you going to do about this brutal killing of sport, olympic spirit and Pier de Couberten’s vision ???

  3. Jozsef

    13. August 2012. at 13:02

    Bojana, your team had much luck in the games against France and Spain, and none of them complained about of referees. Please LEARN TO LOSE.

  4. Peter85

    13. August 2012. at 07:59

    I feel sorry about the Montenegrin team..I wanted them to win..I mean our team got the same incorrect refereeing during the whole tournament!


    Peter from Hungary

  5. flora

    12. August 2012. at 18:25

    It was a shameful refereeing …

  6. Skid

    12. August 2012. at 16:53

    It was a shameful refereeing …
    Bonaventura sisters made an example of anti-olipmic spirit on such a high level.
    Those who placed them there are responsable.

  7. Reina_Đina

    12. August 2012. at 13:23

    Proud to be Montenegrian!

    sestra ti je peder sudija!!! 😀

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