Gislason decides: Kohlbacher first replacement in Tokyo

Germany head coach Alfred Gislason has made a decision: The first substitute will be Jannik Kohlbacher, who is out from 14 for the first round match in Tokyo against Spain (July 24). The other substitutes in the 17-man squad are goalkeeper Silvio Heinevetter and right-winger Tobias Reichmann.

Only changes due to injury can be made here. In addition, unlike Kohlbacher, Heinevetter and Reichmann are not allowed to stay in the Olympic Village.

1 Johannes Bitter GK 09/02/1982 HSV Hamburg
12 Silvio Heinevetter * GK 10/21/1984 MT Melsungen
33 Andreas Wolff GK 03/03/1991 Lomza Vive Kielce
3 Uwe Gensheimer LW 10/26/1986 Rhine-Neckar lion
31 Marcel Schiller LW 08/15/1991 Fresh on Göppingen
9 Tobias Reichmann * RW May 27, 1988 MT Melsungen
6 Finn Lemke LB 04/30/1992 MT Melsungen
35 Julius Kühn RLB 04/01/1993 MT Melsungen
95 Paul Drux CB 02/07/1995 Foxes Berlin
15 Yuri Knorr LB 05/09/2000 Rhine-Neckar lion
17 Steffen Weinhold RB 07/19/1986 THW Kiel
25 Kai Häfner RB 07/10/1989 MT Melsungen
4 Johannes Golla PV 05/11/1997 SG Flensburg-Handewitt
13 Hendrik Pekeler PV 07/02/1991 THW Kiel
48 Jannik Kohlbacher * PV 07/19/1995 Rhine-Neckar lion
73 Timo Kastening RW 06/25/1995 MT Melsungen
20 Philipp Weber LB 09/15/1992 SC Magdeburg
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