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EURO 2014

GOLUZA VS WILBEK: Two Jesus, only one truth…

It seems that last night in Herning we have seen a replay of the press conference after the EURO 2012 semi-final in Belgrade,when Slavko Goluza also blamed everyone and everything for the defeat against home team – Serbia. On the other side of the table was Ulrik Wilbek who acted shocked by thewords of his colleague.

Playing conditions at “Boxen” were  much easier  than at “Kombank Arena” two years before. In stands there was no such idiots to throw coins on the players, and even help the rivals by injuring his NT’ player (Zarko Sesum). Some of the Danish fans tried to do simulation of “Balkan derby”, they whistled during the Croatian anthem. It was not so much mass , but it will be remembered as something shameful for the big sports events.

In case that Alilovic stopped Eggert as Landin did with Strlek, that train “CULEK” (Cupic – Strlek) was amazing as in the matches before, that Croatian attack wasn’t headless in the decisive moments, then Goluza wouldn’t have on his tongue German referees or animals…

About the relocations during the big handball events could much more to say Ulrik Wilbek . His team travelled from Porec to Zadar, Split and finally to Zagreb, where Danish team settled just day before the Final at the World Championship 2009. This route Copenhagen – Aarhus – Herning looks like some local trip in comparation with the “Let’s meet Croatia” tour which Denmark had in Istria and Dalmatia in January 2009.

WCh 2009 semi-final between France and Denmark has been played in Split, 300 km far away from Zagreb. That wasn’t a problem for the French “Experts”, which spent the first week of the tournament on the Serbian border in the city of Osijek. If you are the best, you will find your way out from any kind of a “cage”.

Danish head-coach invented a new definition of “the worst press conference ever” in sports vocabulary. Ha? The worst one was the one which he didn’t attend after the WCh 2013 Final in Barcelona, when Spain demolished Denmark.  He set new standards last year, medical excuse came to late. If you are ready to lead the match, wait for the medal ceremony, you should be able to speak afterwards…

Wilbek’s gestures towards referees and official table during the game aren’t on the level of the coach of such a biography. He is staying unpunished for such a behavior in front of 14.000 fans, but that wouldn’t be a case on some other place…

Where is the truth?  Well, it is always somewhere in the middle.

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  1. slavonac...cro

    27. January 2014. at 22:27

    In generaly Goluza is not popular person in Croatia, and even media make jokes on him. He is just a fck redneck and stupid. But when it comes to judging….oh my. Just see number of 2min. penalties for Cro and we are not the ones who plays on muscles, and constant returning attacks at 9m when in same situations Danish and France player are allowed to go to the 6m and force penalties shoots. When was WC in Croatia judges were on our side…the only one time, and i dont now why this is happening ….really. i trained handball and i must admitt Handball is atractive but just a stupid sport.

  2. Steel

    26. January 2014. at 17:14

    Is this site run by Croats? It seems painfully evident from the shameful behaviour here. Your country will be remembered long for your shameful arrogance.

  3. anon

    26. January 2014. at 11:36

    This site… is it a joke? Dry your eyes,dear editor.

  4. me

    26. January 2014. at 08:58

    Ok people what are you saying not coming on press conf. is ok …..not even say a reason ……Wilbek is idiot to just a little bit smarter than Goluza!!! Everthing that Goluza sad about organization and the hotels Nikola Karabatic sad as well!!!!!And Yes they were travelling as well in Croatia but they had everthing else like a kings …… ask the players!!!!

  5. Tom

    25. January 2014. at 20:27

    I’m sorry, but if you are being hospitalized due to a bleeding ulcer, it is not just a bad excuse, it is a life-threatening situation. That the message came too late, that is bad, but when you take the situation into consideration, it is nothing in comparison to this.

    Goluza was a disgrace to handball as a player, often using his hands for more than handling the ball and was known as one of the dirtiest players ever. He is even worse as a coach, claiming corruption in a semi-final and thus starting a witch-hunt on 2 judges. It is people like Goluza who stops handball from going international.

  6. Dieter

    25. January 2014. at 16:52

    Good article. But it doesn’t change the fact that Goluza is a retard. Its also retarded that fans whistling during national hymn. That is simply not ok. Wilbek got a yellow card for complaining, then he stopped. Wilbek was in hospital with a bleeding ulcer. Yes the excuse came to late…….he was sick for christ sakes. So you are right, there are two sides to a story………. nevermind, we have the two best teams in the final.

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