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Igor Vori: Referees almost scored goals instead of Danes

Croatian gin Igor Vori could not get over the chance in the semifinal of the EHF EURO 2014 in Herning against Denmark:

– We have a 60-minute bloody work. We did not succeed, as our fault, we did manage to make higher advantage in the first half. Congratulations to my players, place at TOP 4 is sensation. We didn’t come to the final, even we were better in the first 35 minutes. I don’t like to speak about referees, but at this point, such a decision, it’s a disaster. That could see even blind man. At the first half they almost scored goals instead of them. Congratulations Danes. People who organized this are the happiest now – concluded Vori.

“Media war” between Denmark and Croatia began at the press conference after the match….




    28. January 2014. at 09:04

    listen danes we real experts in croatia are not satisfied with the level of play by our cowboys,and offcourse with silly stupid goluža,i had respect for him as a player but as a coach he proved to not know so much,pressure eats him,and his advices at timeout is ridicoulous slušaj vamo.croats are very very talented handball nation,we are allways gonna produce at least very good players,check the junior tournaments,i admitt that only france is better than us,animals fisically,tactically and mentally,onesta and rest of famous support.respect but when omeyer leave you are ours.denmark spain i rank of us,we can win you

  2. Danish and proud

    26. January 2014. at 14:22

    As a Dane I must admit the refs were much more on our side, I am disappoint that this was the case. We should lose if referees was fair but this was not so. I am happy we in final but should not be like this, should be if we play better and we did not.

  3. Anonymous

    26. January 2014. at 07:38

    I hope that all this bashing blows over at some point. Sport should unify people not create conflict. Goluza shouldn’t have charged out like he did, and he has the day after praised Ulrik Wilbek and said that Denmark deserve to win. But if the living standards (beds not being how they should) has not been to his liking, I think that is something that should have been in order. Again I’m unsure whatever that they were worse than usual (championships elsewhere). The hotels they lived on is of fine quality, but that doesn’t mean that they have standard beds equipped to people on 2,10 meters, but I do believe that they have bed extensions. When Denmark played in Croatia they travelled much more than the croatian team had to do in Denmark and stayed in hotels more far apart. But they did not complain about this. Personally as a dane I’m sorry if the beds were not to his liking, nor did I condone the boohing during the national song of Croatia. It was however very faint compared to some games, which basicly means that it was only a small portion of the danish audience that did it. During the match, boohing is pretty common everywhere, also in Croatia.

  4. Tom

    25. January 2014. at 22:00

    When a list of biggest disappointment of this EC is made, I think “Croatian Sportsmanship or lack thereof” should be included.

    When Croatians lose, it is always the refs. It is why you haven’t won gold for 10 years.

  5. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 20:08

    you are a retard. We invented torpedo, pen, tie, electricity, and many more with our shitty standard and all you have is stupid legos and old child abusing pervert ( H.C.Andersen)

  6. A dane

    25. January 2014. at 17:51

    Vori is an arrogant idiot. He and madman Goluza is a disgrace for the rest of the great croatian handball team. It’s not fair to anyone, including his very sympathetic teammates, that he acts like this. What he is doing, is basically destroying his own image as a fair and nice handballer… what an idiot.

  7. Denis-stgt

    25. January 2014. at 17:10

    Finaly somebody talks!! This is a disaster and shame for all Denmark handball federation!

  8. FAK JU

    25. January 2014. at 16:50

    FY and ES Kenneth!

  9. elias

    25. January 2014. at 15:40


  10. johny

    25. January 2014. at 15:30

    Croatia is a small country. Denmark has a lobby in ehf.shame Denmark!!!!

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  12. Matea

    25. January 2014. at 15:18

    The truth is that there were few questionable calls, but in the end it’s only our fault for the lost…like Vori said on the end. Dennmark is a great team, mentally and phisically, there is no question. But something is needed to be done whit this judging, generally speaking. It’s not fair that in handball the referees are one that are in position to determine the game. Tomorrow you are going to feel that too, when you play against France 🙂 I hope that you are going to win, because you are better team, but I’m sure that you will be frustrated by some miscalls.

  13. Kenneth

    25. January 2014. at 14:50

    Buu-fucking-hoo. “we live like animals” Well, good thing is that Danish animals have a better living standards than most of the Croatian hillbillies. “refs were against us” Fact is, your superstars couldn’t handle the pressure, keeper was nonexistent, duvnjak, decided to stay at the hotel, vori was shit. Instead of making the self look like whining babies, they should take it like men. Now you’re just the joke of the ec, good job.

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