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Ulrik Wilbek furious over Croatian cheating claims

Ulrik Wilbek has been angry ever since the post-match press conference after the victory over Croatia. Reason is the Slavko Goluza accusation that Denmark won that game mainly thanks to the help of the referees.

For TV2 Wilbek says “he mocks us and suggests that we bribed the referees. He stated that they were the better team but were deceived, and that it was planned that they be treated like animals in Denmark. I believe that the referee mistakes were well distributed, and Goluza’s behaviour is not particularly pleasant, and never saw such before”.

Ulrik Wilbek probably forgot that he has showed very poor behaviour as well – showing massive disrespect for the opponent, after failing to show up at the press-conference following Spain’s final victory over Denmark at the World Championship.




  1. Alfons

    27. January 2014. at 10:15

    It’s funny how Goluza instantainiously points his finger at referees and the host and claims Croatian have been trated
    My thoughts are that when you throw out accusations like that you very clearly exposing how your own thoughts regarding fairplaay.
    I know it’s not politically correct to say this, but when it comes to cheating and playing unfair Eastern and Southern European teams as well as Southern American ones are at the very top.

  2. Mac

    26. January 2014. at 15:09

    It should be sport. A fair game where referee’s mistakes usually happens but also usualdly do not affect the result. This pair of “man in black” was lost in space. I’m sure that Zanzibar has better referees although they probably do not know what handball is. And it would be fair from “deeply touched” Danish coach to admit that they had referee on their side in this match, that still doesn’t mean that they did not deserve to get into the final. But also Croatia deserved a fair chance and that did not happen. To try and equalize the referee’s bad judgements is ridicilous particularly because the Croats were with man down in 4-5 occassions for reasons only known to both German idiots and they did not exclude Danish players for exactly the same (or more flagrant) reasons. And dozens of other situations in the game turn out the semifinal into insult to the handball itself. It is interesting why EHF (or at least referee assotiation) did not react so far. But same things happened before and probably EHF will owe Croatia a favor which will be returned soon, maybe even in the ongoing game with Spain? And I really feel sorry for Danish coach having health problems, but having in mind that he is brain-dead, ulcer is least of his problems. And for handball sake, I really hope that France will humiliate Denmark in the final cause that is the only option for the sport to win, otherwise we will have a referee-pet as champions

  3. Thor

    26. January 2014. at 13:50

    Nikola Karabatic posted on his FB page..see it to yourself ­čśë

    I havent’s said that Denmark paid to those Blind Guardians,i’ve just said that Danish players have been supported by referees.
    EHF wouldn’t benefit if Croatia moved to the finals. For exmaple at EHC 2012 in Serbia was in finals and was defeated by Denmark, my question is Serbia now in handball? It only supports my fact that host must be in the finals..and that’s all folks..:-)

  4. anon

    26. January 2014. at 11:06

    Who writes these crap biased articles?

  5. Bob

    26. January 2014. at 08:49

    Ulrik Wilbek went to the hospital with an ulcer after the match against Spain. Shame on you, author! And it was a quite fair match. Mikkel Hansen changed his shirt because it was ripped apart by some Croatian player. To claim that the match was fixed is ridiculous. It’s not like it’s the first time Denmark has been in the final.

  6. Anonymous

    26. January 2014. at 07:21

    It’s weird to have people trying to fake another nationality to help their arguments. The fake nationalities are plain obvious and says something about the moral character of those people. It says more about the people doing it, that what they are trying to imply. Fact is that Guloza the day after applaued Ulrik Wilbek and said that Denmark deserved to win. He stated that it was emotional moment yesterday, and he spoke to much with his heart. To Thor: And where to you have that Nikola Karabatic said that the judges were on the Danish side? Do a google search on him and the match, and your post here is the only hit for it. So stop lying and put shame on your country.

  7. Tom

    26. January 2014. at 01:17

    So? You think Karabatic won’t do anything to psyche his opponents in the final ? I’ve yet to see any definitive evidence for cheating – because it wasn’t.

  8. Thor

    25. January 2014. at 22:07

    U mad bro? U in a fight with grammar?
    Even Nikola Karabatic said to media that judges have been on Danish side..the truth hurts..it’s an pain in the ass,isn’t? ­čśÇ

  9. Tom

    25. January 2014. at 20:34

    I find it funny how some croats try to claim they are from another country to support their cause. The errors they make grammatically are not ones common from the nation they are supposed to represent. Watch the match with English commentary, you’ll see that there was little splitting the teams in terms of judgements going against them.

    Croatians complain about Hansen changing a shirt and Wilbek stepping on a line. Danes complain about Duvnjak tugging a goalkeepers leg to stop a fast-break, Hansen’s shirt being ripped by a player holding onto it for 3 seconds as he is running and Gojun purposely elbowing Svan Hansen when he was going for goal. Last is an even clearer red than Eggerts misplaced faceplant.

  10. T

    25. January 2014. at 19:39

    misek78, if you are refering to Mikkel Hansen changing his shirt, I think you might forget why he did?! Cause he had to because of an croatian player pulling his shirt to hard.. And if i do remember right, the croatian play dident get a 2 min suspension..

  11. Thor

    25. January 2014. at 17:57

    Shame for handball. Both teams are great but..how to say this and be at the same time objective. Sundries reflected the game. Croatia has beaten themselves by not scoring at the beggining of 2 part. But on the other side Danmark had fans(about 14.000 people),they’ve played at home..and a help of the 2 German referres. It was apsurd to compare penalties of both teams, and to say that penalties were even. NO! As a neutral side I say that at the key moments referees were blind. Hansen taking of the shirt in middle of the game? WTF,that was for 2 min. Shame on you Danmark. In the finals i will support France, just because of this previous event..

  12. Hans

    25. January 2014. at 17:20

    I’m german, truth to be said, Danish was helped by our refrees and im ashamed that German refress can be bought. Somehow not German behavior. With fair refrees Croats were at least 6 goals better in first half and equal in second with all mistakes they done. Danish handball is like french footbal, helped too much. Altough our german team sucks at moment still this was pain to watch. Plus Hansen takes out shirt, and these two of our diletants done nothing. It should be direct red carton. Shame, shame shame.

  13. denmark

    25. January 2014. at 16:56

    Please look at those mistakes by referees. Every save by Alilovic gone to 7m. Hansen takes shirt off , Buntic got fist in his nose , ─ćupi─ç got 2min because the ball bounced from his arm on leg. Croatian players moved 3 towns but Denmark players one town . Wilbek yells on referees and gets nothing. That is truth people…

  14. michael

    25. January 2014. at 15:23

    shame for Denmark to have reached the finals.it is obvious that the Danish had to be in the final

  15. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 14:55

    This is a pretty emotionel discussion so lets keep it to the facts. Both Teams got six 2 min. penalties. Both coaches got one yellow card. Crotias Domagoj Duvnjak who played well during the first half failed utterly in the second and scored only one goal. He even got away with holding the Danish Goalkeeper in his leg (to prevent a fast counter attack). No penalties for that. What changed in the second half. The danish goalkeeper got better and the crotia goalkeeper didn’t and I think he saved about 20 % in the second half . Landin (danish keeper), went from saving 26 % to saving 36 % of the shot attempts. And the reserve keeper also saved a penalty. The Croatian keeper got replaced because the coach didn’t believe in him anymore. To say that it was because of the judges are simply denying the facts.

  16. MT jr.

    25. January 2014. at 14:42

    Why does EHF even bother ? Simple call all the participants and hand out medals. This is a complete BS.

  17. misek78

    25. January 2014. at 14:36

    Leah, what about Danish player taking his shirt off?! That’s normal or?

  18. misek78

    25. January 2014. at 14:35

    It’s strange how always the host of the championships has to be in the final round??!!??

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  20. Denis-stgt

    25. January 2014. at 14:12

    Wilbek is just an ashole! This two referees must do this because thay had no choise! EHF and Denmark handball federation plan this to get denmark to finals! Everybody in the world saw this like karabatic too… And he says to that this was a disaster! Just a small parts about handball rules.. Eggert vs buntic punching him from frontside ( not from right or left or from back) directly in nose and he starts bleeding!?? Everybody gets red card but eggert not! I never saw on hanball game that somebody takes his shirt of without allow from referees like mikkel hansen and they do nothing! That can not be seriuos! there are more mistakes but EHF dissaded this way and this two blind referees must go on that way!
    RIP farplay …die on EHF 2014!

  21. Frank

    25. January 2014. at 13:28

    Sorry to say it ulrik but goluza is right, you were a worse team yesterday.

  22. Leah

    25. January 2014. at 13:07

    I love handball. I live in the states (USA), and I have been watching the games on the internet and etc. The Denmark vs. Croatia game was very interesting, but I have to say something Croatia.. damn, you’re one hell of a good team, but so is Denmark.
    The fact that Goluza has the nerve to say that the judges were bribed is so awful. Have you seen the game? One of the Croatian players grabbed Landin’s (danish goalkeeper) leg, so he could prevent him from throwing the ball. NOW THAT IS SCANDALOUS! One of the danish players got a 2 minute eviction a few minutes before the game was about to end! It’s a disgrace that the Croatian people and the Croatian coach is acting this way towards a great handball nation.

  23. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 12:30

    Referees Lars Geipel and Marcus Helbig are Danes from Flensburg.
    It is a major mistake of EHF to even let those guys judge. What a shame…

  24. Igor Vori

    25. January 2014. at 10:31

    This was disgrace for handball and for Denmark but what goes arround comes arround. Alle France!

  25. Peter Bruun

    25. January 2014. at 10:28

    The reason why Wilbek did not show up for the press conference after the World Championship final was the fact that he had got taken ill, which was published just after, so I find this to be an indecent comparison!

  26. Tom

    25. January 2014. at 10:27

    Well, his statements that it was the worst press conference he’s seen are obviously true as he wasn’t at the last one.

    He was already ill before the match in Spain and I think the psychological toll of the meltdown made him feel even worse physically.

    That said, most neutrals who saw the match felt the mistakes were evenly distributed, they felt that there was no favouritism. Goluza is an idiot.

  27. Peter Jespersen

    25. January 2014. at 10:22

    The reason for the Danish coach’s missing the mentioned press meeting during the world championships, was due to health reasons – he was shortly after hospitalized with a bleeding ulcer. And who can blame him after loosing the final with 16 goals or so…


    25. January 2014. at 10:01

    Yes, Wilbek has very short memory. I thought that Denmark people are polite and civilised but whistling on Croatian national anthem is very unsport and rude behavior. Denmark players never tasted something like that in Croatia or other. Ask him how he explains massive 2 mins penalty towards Croatian players for trivial ofenses? How he explains Eggerts shots with his foot on the goalkeepers area all the time opposite to Croatians which were punished hard every time they looked on wrong way on Denmark players? Handball is tough and rough game but do we have to bust are noses and teeth when we want to get the ball? That was tolerated to Denmark players all the time but for Croatians there were another rules. You are the hosting country but be fair and admit to the world that referees love you.

  29. nikolask

    25. January 2014. at 09:42

    Wilbek: “GoluzaÔÇÖs behaviour is not particularly pleasant, and never saw such before” . Well, look who’s talking…

    But though, there were several clear decisions against the Croatian team,especially in the first half, in my opinion, missing four clear shots by the wings, and the late change of Alilovic, were decisive for their defeat.

  30. MRJ

    25. January 2014. at 08:32

    Umm, is this a neutral site for all handball fans? Because I find it quite shocking that the author above is completely ignoring the fact that the man was rushed back to his hotel because he was seriously sick and was later diagnosed with a bleeding stomach ulcer. Which can be life threatening. This is… very disappointing.

  31. Steen Villsen

    25. January 2014. at 08:12

    Fair to say that Ulrik went directly to hospital with an ulcer. Goluzas behavior yesterday, knowing him as player, Can not surprise anyone

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