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We were living like the animals here! Said Goluža in tears

Croatian national team had failed to go through to the final of the European championship. Croatia lost 29:27 to the host and defending champion, Denmark in the semifinal of the European championship.

Slavko Goluža almost broke down in tears at the press conference, as the Croatian national team coach had to stop talking to prevent the tears.

The host has done everything possible to claim the gold medal here. Every single thing was in their favor, and we were living like the animals here; in three different cities! I haven’t got a decent sleep during the night, until I came to Herning. At the game tonight, my players were falling down in the middle like we were bowling, not playing handball. Few years ago I have promised to refrain from commenting on the referees, but I can’t take any more.

Jakov Gojun was full of support for his coach. The player added that the refereeing in the semifinal was a disgrace and humiliation for sport.

After the Danish coach Ulirik Wilbek said that this was the “worst press conference in his life”, Goluža apologized, saying, “everything has been said impetuously and hot-headed“

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  1. Vareira Junior

    10. March 2014. at 00:13

    A maioria estão enganados! Devemos quebrar esse padrão e deixar de valorizar apenas o primeiro lugar, e sim o segundo, terceiro, quarto, quinto, sexto . . .

  2. nebo

    26. January 2014. at 14:50

    we are small, but big hearted nation. we played against excellent denmark team, against partly impolite danish supporters and against one sided referees. so, we have every right to be sad and to be mad

  3. Maja

    26. January 2014. at 14:22

    The calls where equal on both sides stop whining. Oh and if the housing was that bad, why did they wait to complain till after they lost?
    I have seen the rooms where they where living, they where very good hotel rooms.

    all in all Croatia are bad loosers, get over it and win the bronze medal if you are as good as you are say you are.

  4. Freddy

    26. January 2014. at 14:16

    Daniel for a Country of 4.5 million people, Croatians are awesome at a very large number of sports.
    Janica Kostelić – Alpine Skier World Cup Champion in 2001, 2003 & 2006 – (Four Olympic Gold & Two Silver Medals)
    Ivica Kostelić – Alpine skier, Olympic Silver Medalist in 2006 & 2010.
    Lucija Zaninović – Olympic Bronze Medal 2012 in Taekwondo.
    Sandra Šarić – Olympic Bronze Medal 2008 in Taekwondo.
    Martina Zubčić – Olympic Bronze Medal 2008 in Taekwondo.
    Giovanni Cernogoraz – Olympic Gold Medal 2012 in Shooting.
    Sandra Perković – Olympic Gold Medal 2012 in Discus Throw.
    Željko Mavrović – Fmr. European Boxing Champion.
    Mate Parlov – Fmr. WBC & European Light Heavyweight Champion.
    Fritzie Živić (The Croat Comet) – Fmr. World Welterweight Boxing Champion.
    Stjepan Božić – WBF Super Middleweight Boxing Champion.
    Stipe Drviš – World Light Heavyweight Boxing Champion.
    Branko Cikatić – First K-1 Grand Prix Winner.
    Pat Miletich (The Croatian Sensation) – Former UFC Champion.
    Goran Ivanišević – Wimbledon Champion.
    Iva Majoli – French Open Champion.
    Nenad Žugaj – Bronze at Wrestling World Championships 2010 & 2011.
    1998 FIFA World Cup bronze medalists.
    Davor Šuker – 1998 FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winner.
    Toni Kukoč – 3× NBA champion (1996–1998), NBA Sixth Man of the Year, 1995-1996 season.
    Dražen Petrović – NBA Hall of Famer.
    Dino Rađa – former NBA player.
    Croatia men’s national water polo team – 2012 Olympic Games Gold medal, 2007 World Championships Gold medal, 2012 World League Gold medal.
    Blanka Vlašić – former indoor high jump World Champion, high jump Olympic Games silver medallist, indoor and outdoor multiple World Championship Gold and Silver medallist.
    Croatia men’s national basketball team – Olympic Games Silver medal.
    There are many more great Croatian sport champions and so much more if you add expat Croatians.

  5. Dieter is a retard

    26. January 2014. at 13:55

    Having watched all the games all I can say is the referees in the semi final were a disgrace and shouldn’t ref any high level handball again. It was so completely biased in favour of the Danes anyone who is impartial will agree.

  6. Juan Ramón

    26. January 2014. at 12:01

    Sorry Tom, I believe that isn’t totally true. If Valero Rivera didn’t appear in the press conference everyone should be criticizing him. I think that “bleeding ulcer” in Ulrik’s language is more or less a excuse to hide a “enfado infantil” (¿child anger?). Did he sorry to Valero and his players after that?. I don’t think that!. Everyone can make a mistake, but if you always are too much proud with other people they usually are waiting for your next mistake. Danish team is a pride for the handball and of course for Denmark but sometimes they should be a bit more on the ground with the others mortals. Good luck for the two teams this evening!

  7. anon

    26. January 2014. at 10:57

    What is humiliating is the croatian behaviour. L2P, please, grow up and take responsibility of your own shortcommmings. The danish team had the wind and sun on their side too in both halfs…LOL..embarrassing!

  8. Ole

    26. January 2014. at 09:42

    Croatian folks, most of your comments confirm once again that you are very bad loosers – as usual. Remember the red card for Vori in the last minute of the 2009 wc final and the local audience going balistic and throwing stuff on the pitch over an actually very well deserved defeat by France? Apparently you guys are not prepared to learn and self-reflection is concept so alien to you as flamingos on the moon. Start growing up.

  9. Tom

    26. January 2014. at 02:14

    Juan Ramon – Ulrik should have been at that press conference. Except he had a bleeding ulcer and had to go to the hospital. If Valero Rivera had a life threatening condition, do you think he would go to the hospital or to the press conference ?

  10. Thor

    25. January 2014. at 23:23

    Obviously you don’t know much sport,do you?
    Ivano Balic( Croatian) best Handball player ever
    Drazen Petrovic (Croatian) best European Baskteball player ever
    Croatian Football team 3-th on 1998 World Cup
    Janica Kostelic,best skier ever
    and so on..

  11. felix

    25. January 2014. at 22:06

    josph:we played dirty???danish defender hit our man in the face and knocked him down referees nothing thats not dirty for you?number me one foul on danish team judges didnt notice!!!
    mathias:cratia is a big counry?? you made me laugh coratia is 56000 square kilometers its really small you could cross it form one end to another on highway in 4 hours,this shows how you dont know nothing about croatia,goluza was frustrated of course who would not after souch a discracefull judging,we did miss and play worse in 2nd half but when we had even score in middle of second half judges gave their best to f**k us up and not take the lead.first of all hansen shou got red card for undressing and also 2 red card should get the player i dont know his name who punched one of croats in face and got away with it.shame,shame shame i hope the french beat the c**p out of them,they dont deserve gold

  12. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 20:04

    It’s sad that handball, like many other sports, is under influence of politics ( such as football, basketball and many more). yesterday the refs showed that is was very important for them to push denmark in the finals. I’m not saying that Croatia played well ( missed two clear shots with 2 danish players under 2 min suspension) but you can’t win the game if you are being under such treatment of the refs. It’s de-moralizing when every foul is a 2 min, and every hard hit that danish players deserved to get a red card is treated as normal foul. Look at the stats, watch the game again objectively and then talk. And if you think that the game was fair after that, you are a complete retard and deserve to be hit in the head with a ball that blaženko lacković throws at full force.

  13. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 19:40

    This is a pretty emotionel discussion so lets keep it to the facts. Both Teams got six 2 min. penalties. Both coaches got one yellow card. Crotias Domagoj Duvnjak who played well during the first half failed utterly in the second and scored only one goal. He even got away with holding the Danish Goalkeeper in his leg (to prevent a fast counter attack). No penalties for that. What changed in the second half. The danish goalkeeper got better and the crotia goalkeeper didn’t and I think he saved about 20 % in the second half . Landin (danish keeper), went from saving 26 % to saving 36 % of the shot attempts. And the reserve keeper also saved a penalty. The Croatian keeper got replaced because the coach didn’t believe in him anymore. To say that it was because of the judges are simply denying the facts

  14. Juan Ramón

    25. January 2014. at 17:45

    Every translator engine can be help you to translate this text: “El seleccionador de Dinamarca, quien hace unos días recibió el premio de mejor entrenador del año según la Federación Internacional de Balonmano (IHF), no ha querido comparecer y en su lugar ha enviado al jefe de prensa del equipo, Finn Tage Jensen, junto al portero Niklas Landin.

    “Una decisión que ha criticado el seleccionador español, Valero Rivera, que se ha mostrado “muy decepcionado de que la primera vez de cuatro que ellos pierden, su entrenador no esté aquí”.

    “Nosotros siempre hemos estado. Es indigno del considerado mejor entrenador del año”, ha afirmado el técnico español en la rueda de prensa, acompañado del capitán Alberto Entrerríos.

    El portavoz del cuerpo técnico danés se ha limitado a explicar que acudía en “representación” de Wilbek.”

  15. Juan Ramón

    25. January 2014. at 17:35

    I think that in the last 3 minutes it were two important decisions againts Denmark, I think the Goluza’s behavior is at least inusual and inadequate…but Ulrik Wilbek (a wise in handball stuffs , an ignorant in education stuffs) is the worst person to talk. Don’t you remember the press conference after the final match in Spain last year?. Someone should explain him the meaning of “saber estar”.

  16. Juan Ramón

    25. January 2014. at 17:21

    I think that in the last 3 minutes it were two important decisions againts Denmark, I think the Goluza’s behavior is I think that in the last 3 minutes it were two important decisions againts Denmark, I think the Goluza’s behavior is at least inusual and inadequate…but Ulrik Wilbek (a wise in handball stuffs , an ignorant in education stuffs) is the worst person to talk. Don’t you remember the press conference after the final match in Spain last year?. Someone should explain him the meaning of “saber estar”.

  17. Daniel

    25. January 2014. at 17:07

    Croats, you are making fools off yourselves.. Embarrassing.. And to the guy with Croatia is good at all sports comment.. I laughed so hard at that… HAHAHAHA

  18. Mathias Hansen

    25. January 2014. at 16:47

    Its like none of you retards have seen the game? Croatia was playing 6 on 4 in the First two minutes leding by 15-13 and does make a single goal because they suck. Just like last year. Croatia just needs a reason to why they have fail. Just like they are going to fail against Spain. And if you look at the game, the Danes gets 5 * 2 min. Just like Croatia does. Anders Eggert gets 2 * 2 min. This is the first time ever that man was sent to the bench more then once. So stop crying. Just as they been living in 3 different cities. Well Denmark is a small country and there is less then 2 hours between the cities. Not like in Croatia were they have to travel for half a day

  19. Joseph

    25. January 2014. at 15:06

    The comments from Slavko Goluža are beyond embarrassing, coming from one of the leaders within the handball world. I saw the game – I am not Danish and did not have a favorite – and, frankly, Croatians whining about this should be ashamed of themselves. The Danes won DESPITE the many, many instances of un-sportsman-like play from the Croatians: tons of dirty tricks. It was a hard played match and there were a few strange rulings from the referee’s on both sides. The press conference and the ensuing debate is a blemish on the sport. Unbelievably poor losers, sad to see – pull yourself together Croatia!!

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  21. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 14:03

    No you’re a retard

  22. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 14:02

    No you are a retard

  23. Frank

    25. January 2014. at 13:26

    Unfortunately, croatia is not the first team saying that the accomodation during the championship was awkward. The hosts stayed in one city letting all the other teams travel a lot and play almost without audience.
    Refereeses changed the result of the semifinal, croatia was a better team yesterday.

  24. Peter85

    25. January 2014. at 13:15

    And if you question my words, please watch back the Veszprém-Kiel 2nd game in the quarter final of CL the last year..That was a complete disgrace, but no one has mentioned that!!!
    I can understand Goluza even he is a short-tempered person, would not lie on their living conditions in Denmark.

  25. Peter85

    25. January 2014. at 13:07

    Hey, i tell you now something..
    Why is the handball(sport) is so unfair like that?For example, why can the host team choose in which group to play?Or why did the referees have to help the Spanish(World Champion team) and Icelandic team against us, Hungarians?Why was it needed?Look at the 2mins suspensions!!!
    I do understand as it is important for EHF to have the host team go to the final round, but it is getting much, have rarely seen such a corrupt federation like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If you disagree with me, please challenge i am curios about your opinions, thank you!

  26. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 12:34

    Referees Lars Geipel and Marcus Helbig are Danes from Flensburg.
    It is a major mistake of EHF to even let those guys judge. What a shame…

  27. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 12:14

    This is just embarrassing.
    Yes, the referees did not du a good job, but it was in both ends. To accuse the Danes of matchfixing is absolutely ridiculous. Denmark’s Thomas Mogensen got 2 min. suspension in the last minutes of the game AND Mikkel Hansen was robbed for a 7-metre throw, also in the end of the game.
    The bad rulings were equal bad en bith ends.

  28. felix

    25. January 2014. at 12:02

    have you seen the game?haave you???? it was not a fair game,i know coratia had a lot of chanses and missed it but wen two judges are judging constantly against you you have 0% win chance,i know most of you dont like croatia becuase we are good in every single sport,and somebody hates that.if something like this happend in croatia and the judges were pulling for us medias woud crucify us,but if dennmar does it nobody bats an eye..sad very sad

  29. Peter

    25. January 2014. at 11:49

    As expected, German referees have done their best for Denmark to win, especially in the first half-time, this was too much.

  30. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 11:36

    Have you seen Eggert foul for red card, hansen tako his kit in game there goes 2 min, strleks last shoot whivh was foul, etc…
    This match was bought.

  31. Ian Sondjersky

    25. January 2014. at 11:35

    Honestly, the judges helped the Danish

  32. Bach

    25. January 2014. at 11:23

    Pathetic! Hope the danish crowd will give the Croatians a hard time in the bronze-medal game!!

  33. ante datkovic

    25. January 2014. at 11:13

    German referees give a max.support during the match for Denmark
    national team.All European team need to have correct support
    otherwise will handball go down as many european buisnees.

  34. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 05:00

    I think it was a very fear game

  35. ante

    25. January 2014. at 01:10

    German judges – European assholes.

  36. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 00:36

    everything he said is true…denmark didnt deserve this win and although it was expected that referees would be on their side, this was way too much

  37. Anonymous

    25. January 2014. at 00:12

    Children, cry and misbehave if the do not get what they want. We do not expect grown men to behave in that way. Slavko Goluza is a disgrace, as a man as a coach.

  38. Kong Hust

    25. January 2014. at 00:10

    What a disgrace 4 the sport. …. you lost fair and square stop veining and come up with bad excuses. … be a man…. a least your players showed sportsmanship in defeat and took it like men….

  39. Dieter

    25. January 2014. at 00:09

    Goluza and company are retards.

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