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Gyor wins PWC Handball Fiesta – Andrea Lekic MVP

Women’s EHF Champions League winner Hungarian Gyor showed TOP class performance during strong International PWC HANDBALL FIESTA
tournament on home court. Hungarian champion beat Macedonian “super-team”, ZRK Vardar 29:21 (17:10) at the Final match. The third place and “bronze medal won Slovenian Krim Mercator ahead of Russian Rostov Don 26:18 (13:6).

The fifth place won German Leipzig against Metz 30:29 (25:25) after penalty shoot-out.

The best player of the tournament was Andrea Lekic from ZRK Vardar. Best goalkeeper is Katrin Lunde from host team.

Győri Audi ETO–Vardar Skopje 29–21 (17–10)

GYOR: K. Bulatovic 8, Rédei-Soós 4, Amorim, Szepesi 3-3, Bognár-Bódi, Hornyák D., Görbicz, Orbán 2-2, Korsós, Löke, Tervel 1-1,
VARDAR: Lekic 7, B. Fernández, Radicevic 3-3, Nikolic, Pineau, Zebic 2-2, Dembele, Klikovac 1-1


Győri Audi ETO KC–HC Leipzig 32–19 (18–7)
Krim Ljubljana–Rostov-Don 21–27 (16–15)
Vardar Skopje–Metz 28–23 (17–9)

Győri Audi ETO KC–Metz HB 34–19 (16–13)
Krim Ljubljana–Vardar Skopje 22–29 (10–15)
HC Leipzig–Rostov-Don 28–29 (14–14)




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  2. Pest09

    28. August 2013. at 20:39


  3. Grad Gradinita

    26. August 2013. at 17:52

    This is an article written by some one who knows nothing about handball. You can’t use quote marks when talking about Vardar’s team in order to be ironic. That is no “super-team”. That’s a super team. It’s a difference there.

    The great players at Vardar need a bit of time to build their game. But when you are some one who knows nothing about handball, of course it’s a “super-team” and wow, how great is Gyor. I wonder how people so bad at handball write for handball-planet. If there weren’t some news I need I would have dumped you already, losers.

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