HAND OF GOD: What do you think you’re doing, Uwe?

Uwe, Uwe, Uwe! I don’t know what would I be doing if I was a TV commentator, but after a first halftime presented by Uwe Gensheimer against Danijel Šarić, but I’m pretty certain that I would have lost my voice, cover my shirt in sweat and lose my mind! The cat, Hand of God, Silent killer, „tomahawk“, surgeon, Shinobi, you name it! All of these are variations on the theme, but the essence is the same. It’s blooded piece of work when you try to explain something that words would only spoil. I wasn’t listening to my dear Irish colleague Tom O’Brannagain, but my guess is that he was out of his skin and it will take him several days to restores his voice and to resettle himself as well. However, I was listening to speakers duo from Arena TV who couldn/t say, „Well, heeeey, are you insane? Whaaat are you doing?“ Uwe was probably hearing the same words from his team-mates while getting pat on the head and back. Didn’t seem to disturb his coolness. He was still running around like a boy with red cheeks and a lock of hair waving all around his forehead; but in reality we were watching the Hand of God, a cat, surgeon, silent killer, Shinobi, „tomahawk“… you name it!

It would be interesting to get in the head of a goalkeeper which goes through a trauma like that. Does he say „Hats off“ or he beats himself ascribing the geniality of the attacker to his own mistakes? How to learn from things like dealing with shooter who acts like he’s holding a remote control? Šarić was struggling with Gensheimer in 2011’s F4 as well, but eventually he has managed to grow the tournament’s hero for Catalonians winning them title. This game was only first half. „Blaugrana“ holds the truth and Šarić will have enough time to refocus; the cure could be found in „goalkeeper monster“ of Arpad Sterbik, and if Barcelona goes through, Xavi Pascual will carry Sterbik’s photo in his wallet.   

How do you feel after this game? Games like these move boundaries. Moves like that make kids dedicate their lives to handball. Players capable of doing that are magicians like Balić, Gensheimer, Christiansen, Abalo, etc.

We were honored to remain speechless twice in these three months. First time watching French destroy Denmark in Herning, and now this in Manheim. Lucky us. We want more ’till summer.

Keep on practicing kids…

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prepared by: Maid Begic

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