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Handball Agents stand together – EHAA is born!

The biggest names on the field of player’s and coaches’ agents in world of handball stand together! Handball agents are now organized in European Handball Agents Association – EHAA. This is the effort of the people who wants finally to put standards in this field of our sport.

  • Handball has to become more professional as a sport, to put all activities on higher level in the upcoming period, which will give additional value to all profiles who are included on handball market. Other sports had already made some things in this direction. Handball as a sport in Europe has no strict rules which telling us who is agent and who is not. Some Federations like French, German or Hungarian have some rules for agent, but that isn’t unified as there is not any protocol from the native Federation. We are now organized into Association which has a vision to help in making global rules on this field and complete the handball business. We wanted to organize ourselves like players or coaches – said one of the EHAA representatives, Ex-French NT player, Andrej Golic and added:
  • Some Leagues and Federations have their own rules, but in some of them, there is no rules at all. In France, if you want to become an agent, you need to pass exams, but in some anyone can call himself “agent”. Our sport progressed in the last 20 years and it is very tough to imagine relations without agents, like it was normal when I was a player. Agents are necessary as platform for communication with players, teams, but also media. Our vision is to make things better, more professional in cooperation with teams, national Federations, EHF and IHF – concluded Golic.

In Association are now names like Bhakti Ong, Marcel Pagliotta, Arnar Freyr Theodorsson, Milan Jokic, Francois Xavier Houlet, etc. In total, 17 of them.

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1 Comment

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