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HE WON’T RUN NAKED: Larvik first domestic defeat after 16 years!

A year ago Vipers Kristiansand manager Terje Marcussen promised that he “will run naked if his team don’t break domination of Larvik HK in the next three years”. The first sign of it came at the end of March, when Vipers beat Larvik HK 32:30 (20:15) in away match! Historical success of team from Kristiansand is the first Larvik’s defeat after 16 years – 18 since the last loss at home.

Vipers manager Terje Marcussen: I will run naked if we don’t beat Larvik until 2019!

However, Larvik HK are still at the TOP of the Norwegian championship after 20 Rounds.


1.Larvik W201901645:45838
2.Kristiansand W201703603:45334
3.Glassverket W201424542:51230
4.Byasen W201316590:52727
5.Storhamar W2010010557:52620
6.Tertnes W209110479:47619
7.Oppsal W206212495:53414
8.Sola W205213509:57812
9.Gjerpen W204214515:62710
10.Stabaek W206014519:5839
11.Raelingen W201217390:5704
12.Halden W00000:00


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