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HSG Wetzlar and Kai Wandschneider part ways in summer 2021

Kai Wandschneider and HSG Wetzlar will part ways in summer 2021 at the end of the current contract.

The 61-years old coach, who made a real progress in his eight years work with the team from RITTAL Arena, where he came in March 2012, won’t prolong contract with the team.

The decision of the supervisory board and the management not to extend the contract with Kai beyond the 2020/2021 season was anything but easy for us. It is a joint decision of a strategic nature, which certainly has nothing to do with the topicality, but aims at the future of our club and a restructuring, ”said HSG Managing Director Björn Seipp. “Communicating this to Kai in person was definitely the most difficult official act for me since I started this job, because he is a great person and an excellent coach. The fact that I’m sorry, I can’t and won’t hide it at all, because of course the many years of trusting cooperation, paired with a number of wonderful experiences but also difficult moments, have welded us together. “, said Seipp.


A process of change in HSG Wetzlar has now actively initiated. The role of the previous co- and goalkeeper coach Jasmin Camdzic was given even more responsibility and skills in the summer, when the Bosnian-born took over the management of the Scouting & Talent Promotion division. “We can already say that this has paid off completely for us, because Jasmin is doing a really good job here too,” says Managing Director Björn Seipp. “Our goal is that he will have even more freedom in the long term to be able to invest more time in this department, which is becoming increasingly important for us.” This should also be possible through the strategic commitment of the current team captain Filip Mirkulovski, who from summer onwards Standby player and assistant coach acts. “Filip will primarily use the coming season to familiarize himself with this new role and to continue training so that he can take on more responsibility by summer 2021 at the latest.”

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