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HSV Handball talks with Luka Stepancic!

German HSV Handball are on the way of recovery after very tough period after the end of the season, when existing of famous team was under question. New head-coach, Christian Gaudin began to work to keep team from Hamburg in the upper part of DKB Bundesliga. These type of ambitions showed the club with signing Romanian left back Simicu, but also with interest in signing one of the most promising Croatian players – Luka Stepancic. A 24 years old lefthander was a target of many teams during last few years, Vive Targi Kielce, for example, but the closest to sign him were Belarus’ best team – Brest Meshkov.

His current team RK C.O Zagreb didn’t reach the agreement with team from Brest (transfer fee was 250.000, but Belarussians stopped on 200.000). Now, Stepancic is close to sign contract with the Germans. He has a lot of experience of playing at VELUX EHF Champions League, but also strong SEHA League in the recent four years…

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