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HUNGARIAN CUP: Veszprém defeated Szeged in the great battle

In the final of the men’s handball Hungarian Cup, the record winner Telekom Veszprém defeated Mol-Pick Szeged by 28–26, thus winning the series for the 28th time.

Venue: Szigetszentmiklós, no spectators

Telekom VeszprémMOL-Pick Szeged 28:26 (14:12)

Telekom Veszprém: Corrales 2 saves, Cupara 9 saves – Manaskov 2, Yahia 6 (2), Moraes 5, Tonnesen, Markussen, Ligetvári, Marguc 1, Strlek 3, Blagotinsek 1, Shishkarev, Nenadic 5, Mahé 2 Lékai 3, Borozan

MOL-Pick Szeged: Mikler 9 saves, Alilovic – Kallman 1, Bodó 3, Canellas 1, Radivojevic 6 (4), Gaber, Sostaric 3 (1), Bánhidi 3, Kasparek 5, Stranovsky, Bombac 1, Rosta, Mackovsek 3, Zhitnikov

Penalties: 2/2 and 7/5
Suspensions: 4 min. and 14 min.

RESULT: 6 min: 2-3 9: 5–5. 12: 5-6. 17: 8–8. Pp. 20: 9–9. 24: 12–11. Pp. 27: 13–12. 35: 16–13. Pp. 38: 16–14. Pp. 44: 18–17. 46: 20–17.Pp. 50: 21–19. 53: pp. 24–20. Pp . 57: 25–23

David Davis: – It’s hard to play against the teams of Szeged and Pastor in general, it wasn’t easier this time either. I was pleased with our defense and goalkeeper performance, but we didn’t offer anything outstanding in the attack. I won my first Hungarian Cup, so I am very happy and proud, but it is also a success for the fans.

Juan Carlos Pastor:– Thank you to my players who were injured in this final. We fought all the way through, that was enough for now. I’m sorry because this was our best match of the season. We had problems in defense, we also made mistakes in attack and we collected a lot of exhibitions. We were spoiled in key moments, we missed two penalties, on which the match went.

Photo: Dávid Vörös

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1 Comment

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