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Igor Vori’s list of BEST TEAM-MATES: Amazing Marcin, Nikola is Nikola, “phenomen Narcisse”

One of the all-time best world’s line-players, Croatian superstar Igor Vori who ended career in 2018, made the list of best team-mates during podcast of Balkan-Handball.com together with journalist Zika Bogdanovic.

The new RK PPD Zagreb coach played with all the best players of the last two decades during his time in Zagreb, HSV Handball, Barcelona Handbol, PSG Handball, so it was really tough challenge to point out some of the names…

  • Uh, it’s tough question. Answer isn’t simple and of course, I can’t mention only one player. However, I can start from one guy. He wasn’t in the first plan, in the main row, but it is the biggest positive surprise for me. He is Marcin Lijewski. I loved to play with him in HSV. He is specific. On one side fantastic person (“soul of man”), on the other killer on the court. Amazingly good in attack, very accessible, easy to play with him, he can shot, assist, his vision of the game was awesome. People always put someone in front of him, but don’t forget that he had 11,12 years in Bundesliga, 3-4 years in Flensburg 60 minutes every single match. I enjoyed to play with him – said Vori and then talked about Nikola Karabatic:
  • I am happy that I could play with all the best players in the world. The guy who make a fference is Nikola Karabatic. I remembered some matches in French league. We played 3 and 4 in defense, it was so easy to play near him, after some time when you know him. His thinking is amazing, that is why he is the best. I don’t remember against whom we played, but they were punching him during whole match. It was some counter-attack, guy literally killed Nikola and run over him with comment “why you are crying?” Nikola just stand up and came back to defense. He was so focused, calm and told me “Now, when he came in attack, you just put elbow in front and defense yourself.”. The guy with 115kg came to my elbow and crushed although Nikola didn’t touch him. I was shocked and ask im “How you did it, it’s amazing”. He responded,“Nothing special, let’s go further.” Nikola is Nikola.


  • I always say that he is on 50% of his abilities. We worked in pair during three years at PSG Handball. In gym, you can see visually how his biceps is growing. He needed four steps to overrun the whole court. Then Iker Romero, he can’t walk, can’t jump, run, but then he scores 10 goals. Laszlo Nagy could play on any position, anywhere on the court. It was a privilege to play with all of them as well with my team-mates from the national team. I enjoyed the most to play with them, to drink coffee, to go out…
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