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IHF to organize 1st Children’s Handball Week

International Handball Federation introduced the second programme forming part of the Virtual Academy: the 1st IHF Children’s Handball Week, running from 17 to 22 August. 

“The 1st IHF Children’s Handball Week is designed to promote handball activities across all member federations, particularly those working with players aged between five and 12 years. The IHF therefore encourage all Member Federations to take part and to invite participation from schools and universities in order to address as many educational channels in each country as possible. 

As with the 1st IHF Live Online Symposium, the 1st IHF Children’s Handball Week is open for all. The topics explored in the six lectures, with one presentation per day, will be of particular interest for coaches, referees, delegates, PE teachers, parents and children, however, all handball enthusiasts will draw value from the lectures. 

All presentations will be from lecturers who form part of the IHF Handball at School programme, which has been in operation driving the development of children’s handball and encouraging youngsters to participate in the game and stay active across the globe since 2011. The lecturers will use practical examples to show how handball can be a complex yet suitable tool to help develop physiological, physical, psychological and social skills and important unconscious knowledge for children in the future. 

The Children’s Handball Week sessions will be streamed live on Zoom and the IHF Facebook page. Participation on Zoom is encouraged, as this is where participants are able to ask questions directly to the lecturers through the session moderator. 

The lectures will be presented in English with simultaneous translation available in French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. 

The full programme of the 1st IHF Children’s Handball Week can be found here and below: 

Monday 17 August

Understanding the key differences between adult and children’s handball – Khaled Hammouda, IHF Expert

Tuesday 18 August

Utilising events and competitions to further develop handball for children – Craig Rot, IHF Lecturer

Wednesday 19 August

Motivating children to play handball – Dr Ilona Hapkova, IHF Handball at School Chairwoman and IHF Expert, and Craig Rot, IHF Handball at School Working Group member and IHF Lecturer 

Thursday 20 August

Building bridges between continents in children’s handball – Alain Dessertenne, IHF Lecturer

Friday 21 August

Strategic initiatives for developing handball for children – Dr Nabeel Taha Al Shehab, IHF Expert

Saturday 22 August

IHF Handball at School education programme – Dr Ilona Hapkova, IHF Handball at School Chairwoman, IHF Expert

As part of the 1st IHF Children’s Handball Week, the IHF has asked the Member Federations to participate in a short questionnaire to determine trends and participation numbers in handball activities for children. The final lecture in the Children’s Handball Week programme will include a draw among federations that participated in the questionnaire, with the draw winners receiving a surprise on behalf of the IHF.”, stated on IHF.info.

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